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[FREELANCE] Rewarding Loyalty kitty

People are getting shot. Over last round. People who were not here last round, like myself, and my husband. People who bent over backwards for their crews.

I shot for for my crew, against my basic inclinations in this game. I was bodyguard for a State Don because my crew asked for volunteers. I, after letting it be known I was not sure if I even wanted to stay with them, helped out when they needed more rank and moved to a different crew spot. I made a point of OCing with crew mates to get them ranked up after killings, etc.

My husband had been shooting for his crew for quite a while. His guns were upgraded because he was asked to upgrade them, so he could shoot more effectively. He donated a large amount of his gold and money to get crew mates State Don spots.

What do these things get us? A kick, and a kill.

The other 'they are ETS shooters/enemies of the alliance' kills I have heard of lately are much the same. No proof. No real need for worry. Mainly active players who were active within their crews.

You, as bosses of 'alliance crews' asked us for these things. You wanted loyalty. You wanted kills. Money. Rank. You wanted, needed, and asked for active players who could take care of themselves. We did these things. We did all that was asked, and then some.

And the reward for our loyalty, is questioning our loyalty. Not just questioning it actually, but denying it, without giving us a chance to respond.

I understand paranoia. I screenshot or copy/paste everything questionable I encounter, because I am a big believer in 'cover your butt'. If I make an accusation against anyone, I can back it up. I expect the same courtesy in return. Not he said-she said-and so it must be true.

Paranoia would be a hardkick/reapply for those with gold purchased guns, and a request to sell off guns for those with lower. Do it with the player on search, if you're concerned, so if they refuse or buy themselves out of the crew they can then be shot.

Surely any player can see that killings like these, like mine, will simply result in what these crews fear: Unallied players with a vendetta. People outside their sphere of influence who can and do play this game actively, effectively, and in some cases are just flat out GOOD. Why in the world would these be the people cast outside their realm? Just because we cannot be verified from the last round? Or because of some unknown whispering in their ears?

As long as this 'shoot first, question later' continues, people like myself who desire nothing more than letting other people deal with politics while we rank, bust, and gamble are wide open to having our accounts killed every time we piss someone off.

If it's as easy as saying 'Oh her? She's helping ETS,' why wouldn't you use the big crews to do your killing for you?