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The Nameless Wipe Inks

This week yet another gang fell to the hand of Dutch Inc (DI) but after more investigation we realize that this time it was a hired shooting and Dutch Inc was paid for their services. The Nameless, a new crew to the stats and ran by RougnedOdor2, was wiped during a shooting ordered by Congo the boss of Get Money Cartel (GMC). After the shooting Congo made it apparent that the shooting was a personal attack at RougnedOdor2 and nothing more. When I asked Congo why he made an attack on RougnedOdor2 he stated:

Roughenodor aka eWood was GMC under boss after MSM quit. After GMC was wiped by TR (The Reckoning) I went underground. When I reconnected with him and had bullets and cash he snitched me out to DI and I was killed.
Congo said

When I questioned RougnedOdor2 he confirmed that this information was indeed factual. Although a little embarrassed to admit that he was an underboss for Get Money Cartel, he also went on to say the following:

He asked me to help shoot Dutch Inc. I told him yes, but I had absolutely no confidence in his ability to do it so I told Dalton about it. Dalton later told me that he hired Congo to do that.
RougnedOdor2 said

When I followed up with both of them to see if we will see more blood to come or if this would be the end of it Congo was quick to say he is not done shooting. Even mentioning that RougnedOdor2 is "SOS" (shoot on sight). RougnedOdor2 was a little more peaceful saying:

I don't plan on retaliating. He didn't do anything and I don't want to waste my time and bullets on him. DI shot me and would have done so eventually without Congo's wishes.
RougnedOdor2 said