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Bernie's TOP 8 BernieMac

Hello fellow buzz readers.

Because this is my first article, it would like to introduce myself. My name is Bernie and I come from Slovenia. I like writing, playing basketball and 3d modeling.

As for this article, I will present you my most influential people as of late on Bootleggers. This section will be based on my research and personal opinion, so bare that in mind. Article will be called Bernie's TOP 8, here with help of few parameters I will name 8 individuals.

So lets get this baby going,

Most of you know him as a member of Elite Guard. With his help BL received some updated that might change the game in a big away. Only time will tell, how this will turn out.

As a new player on BL, the first person who I came in contact was Inks. An ex State Don, a fierce Buzz editor and good player, she's trying her hardest to get the Buzz working again.

Reached state don 2 times in his BL career, has some good old mileage behind him and there is an interesting article about him in other article written by Cypha. Check it out.

Who doesn't like a good reporter with good content these days? Cypha is just that, with upcoming work on some mayor players on BL. He does his research and delivers. He deserved to be on my list.

Just by observing his recent activity I have noticed he has a certain way of playing. His wry playing style is a strategic one and he brings his expertise to his crew 23rd Gunslinger Co Just in one week his crew increased crew properties to 23 from 17, with his crew dominance at 36%.

All the word of Nordy would not be possible without his good business partner Zay. He keeps his presence low - except on the forums. He knows his business very well. Money status can confirm that.

I left best for last, new National Don, known killer, member of The Prophecy who endured test of time and got to top spot. Congratulations.

This was all in this first edition of
Bernie's TOP 8