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Behind The State Dons - Pt 2 Cypha

The Buzz: Hello all, thanks for taking the time to allow The Buzz to interview you. So, Tell us a bit about your bootlegger's history?
Esmeralda: Hi. I'm new to Bootleggers. I only started playing when round 8 started.
ClaartjeB: Definitely an old player. I've been playing on and off since 2005.
Divinebuster: I have been playing for a bit, like 4 years ago but never got further than godfather then.
donderbIiksem: I am a returning player. I played many years ago, but had no time for it. Now I have more time and tried again. So far I like it.

The Buzz: Is this the first time that you have reached state don?
Esmeralda: Certainly is since this is my only round I've participated in.
ClaartjeB: No, I've reached State Don twice before this. Once in 2009, and once a few months ago.
Divinebuster: Yes, this is the first time.
donderbIiksem: Yes it's the first time I am a State Don.

The Buzz: What was the road to State Don like? Any hiccups or close calls with death along the way?
Esmeralda: The road to State Don was time consuming, hard and super expensive. When the half timers were on I spent 2 days straight resetting and OC'ing.
ClaartjeB: It was pretty smooth sailing actually. When I started this account I thought I wouldn't make it very far, but once I reached Respectable Don I knew I could do it again.
Divinebuster: We got wiped twice. First time I died as a Don and second time I got to Boss.
donderbIiksem: The road was not that hard but that I would make it to State Don I never expect that.

The Buzz: How were you feeling when you finally seen that you received your State Don invite? And why did you pick that particular state that you have?
Esmeralda: Ah I was so relieved after spending 2 days straight OC'ing it was a relief especially when you waited up till 4am for the invite. I picked Pennsylvania as my name before Esmeralda was Penny and I wanted to be Penny Don of Penny.
ClaartjeB: It felt great! I was expecting to get it the day before, but didn't. So it was very exciting to get it the next day. I picked Nevada because Illi was already taken. I do booze runs from Illi to Nevada and back, so I hang out in Nevada a lot. Seemed like the right choice.
Divinebuster: It was really exciting. Well there were only 3 states left so didn't have very much choice.
donderbIiksem: I did my best to become a State Don but I was not surprised because I did everything for it. The state Louisiana was one of the open spots no special thing or reason for my decision.

The Buzz: What's it like being a state don? What is your typical day like?
Esmeralda: Being s don is pretty good getting money for doing nothing is pretty sweet. I'm not a very interesting s don unfortunately. I usually OC with lower ranks or with crew mates or spend most of it busting people out.
ClaartjeB: It's fun! It's very easy to find or fill up an OC, busting is great, and you get free money every night... what could be better.
Divinebuster: Doing a few OCs and some Jailbusts.
donderbIiksem: It's fun to be a State Don. I like to do crimes, gambling, busting and helping out lower player’s with OCs.

The Buzz: Do people treat you differently in the game?
Esmeralda: I wouldn't say they do as i dont think i have any enemies. I just plod along doing my own thing.
ClaartjeB: Hmm, I don't know, probably... you don't really want to piss off a state don, especially if you're not in a crew these days
Divinebuster: Hehe well a lot of people wanting to oc with me every day
donderbIiksem: No I play with respect for other players and i get the same back.

The Buzz: What would you say is the best part of being a state don?
Esmeralda: Think the best part obviously is the free cash you get. But my personal favourite is the busting its a lot easier now that your s don and dont get stupidly long fail streaks.
ClaartjeB: Helping crew mates with oc's and the awesome busting I'd say.
Divinebuster: I like being such a good jail buster now hehe
donderbIiksem: It’s easier to find or make an oc. I don’t feel like having more power I am the same as when I was a lower ranked player.

The Buzz: Any special plans while you are state don? Anything you would like to add?
Esmeralda: I dont have any special plans at the moment just happy plodding along. Very boring aha
ClaartjeB: No special plans I'd like to thank everyone in my crew for the help, and special thanks to Cyco, Vero and Darkheartv1!
Devinebuster: Just enjoying doing my thing and helping my crewmates. Nothing very much special.
donderbIiksem: I don’t have special plans.