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Banned Casinos Cypha

This week we heard Zay talking about banned casinos in the Game Forum. Zay started off by putting his suggestion out to the public.

It doesn't make sense for a casino to be taken out of the game and to not be able to be played on because of a user being banned. The Casino's should be placed into a temporary 'sezied by the state' asset where they can be played on but with a set max, the money lost goes out of the game, it would be like War. When unbanned the user who had the casino would get the casino back.

Good point Zay, and an interesting topic of discussion. There were three banned players holding casinos within the Community at the time this discussion started. Pwersevere did make a good point by saying "Gambling was illegal, why would the state fund a casino when they jailed (banned) it's owner? It doesn't make sense", which was then followed up by AceAdam stating the obvious, nobody would play anymore and the game, which in a way, he is right, a large number of players are big gamblers within the community. There were also arguments on how this would work. Some say drop the casino for another player to pick up, which would be a little unfair to the banned player if they had their ban lifted, and came back to no casino, and another option was to hand the casino over to the state, where money could be taken out of the game, but with money leaving the game, it would also be open to having money come back in to the game if someone had a big win.
With an 87% vote on it being a good idea, against a 13% vote on the idea being the wrong way to go about it, maybe the Elite Guard need to have a say on the whole issue. The Buzz caught up with Mika to find out his thoughts on the whole issue.

The Buzz: Hi Mika, thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer a couple of questions. What are your views on dropping Casinos owned by banned players?
Mika: I am against dropping them. Every player has a right to appeal their ban and no decisions should be made before an appeal has been completed. Dropping casinos owned by banned players would be the same as boosting accounts that were killed by a banned player immediately after the ban. We don't do that either because it is always possible that we made a mistake with the ban.

The Buzz: Do you think a State Owned Casino would work, like War, if the state took ownership of a banned players casino?
Mika: Doing this would bring money into the game, which I am not in favor of. Rather than changing the system, I think we, as Elite Guard, should strive to complete the appeal process as soon as possible.

The Buzz: Do you have anything to add on the whole issue with a banned player keeping hold of a casino?
Mika: Not that I can think of at the moment.

So, I think it is safe to say that players who own a casino, and get banned, will continue to keep their casino whilst the ban is still under appeal. Got any views on this issue? Feel free to comment below.