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Statistics of the week Inks

Total money: $3,243,004,815
~ 12% increase on a week ago.

Total bullets: 11,478,744
~ 3% increase on a week ago.

Recent value (Gold): $40,000 per gold coin
0% increase on a week ago.

Average Bullet Price: $457
~ 13% increase on a week ago.

Top Busters

( "-" = position unchanged, "^X" = position increased by X, "vX" = position decreased by X )
Darkheartv1 -
Divinebuster -
headlesjoe -
donderbIksem ^1
TaBxRoidRage v1
Esmeralda ^2
Audi ^2
ClaartjeB v1
Hicks ^1
Relentless v4

Family/Crew/Gang changes


A terrible disdain for the more recently established gangs as we lose and gain…
Lost –Terrible One, Not a part of any crew, Hells Den, Darkheartv1 is my friend & The Bootleggers.

Gained –Around The Corner Bar, The Asylum, The Fist & RIP