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EH on the inside Jesterite

Disclaimer: To begin with, this article idea is the brain child of my demanding new editor, so with that in mind I know that some of you are thinking “How could an article on Event Horizon , by a member of Event Horizon , possibly be unbiased?” So I’ll tell you, or I would, but I don’t want to! For… Reasons. “But that’s hardly fair!” Alright… Alright, it isn’t… Fine… It’s unbiased because… Errmmm… Oh! Chaffinch!

So, I have been a member of Event Horizon since the 20th February, or so my little Event’s Events diary tells me, we all have one, not just me, I promise; so you would think that I might know all the ins-and-outs that a member of a crew (non-council) should know and you would be utterly… Wrong! On the complete wrong end of the metaphorical stick.

That’s one thing that I enjoy about EH so much, that I learn something new about it’s members, or a specific member, every day! SniperWolfIII , for example, did you know that Sniper has been a member of EH ’s council since mid-September? No? Well, neither did I until last Saturday! Though… That may be more an example of my own poor detail to attention than anything else.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point! I enjoy it because I have fun! We all have fun! There is 622 pages in the Event Horizon Skylounge! That is a lot of talking for people who have known each other for over a half dozen years, and all new members have to read through it all and answer a quiz of 79 questions, which is good; it means the bar has been lowered, my initiation was spending a night in the basement with drunken Mason and a pineapple…

I view us as a family of friends; brothers, and sisters, who thoroughly enjoy being rude to each other, tripping one another up and then saying the other started it when Mother turns round to have a go at us.
Speaking of Mother, BettyB and her personal favourite snitches… Sorry, “council”, are an efficient bunch! They keep us in line, more often than not, and are always there should we have a question, though I would recommend contacting the council before BettyB she’s often too busy baking cookies, putting Pokey to bed or, y’know, working, to be able to reply; but they are all good! It’s clear to see they put the good health of the crew before themselves (pretty sure LordWell has been to an asylum due to us) and they support us all to the best of their abilities and keep us very well organised.

Deuce even said this:
“It's amazing to think we are a super crew and one of the longest running crews.” Thanks DeuceyDeuce I might have taken that as a compliment if you hadn’t followed it with this: “Especially since we are all morons and drunks. Haha.”

But, as I sit here with my cider and Santa hat, I can’t help that feel that Deuce makes an excellent point, not in the insult itself, but the fact that he gets away with it all, it really exemplifies the bond that Event Horizon members have, a friendship and a unity that not just one person can build, we all chip in with the insults and the jokes, we have a good time (excluding the pineapple), and I think that that is the point, it’s amusing.

Now, before I leave to wipe the affectionate tears from my eyes, I must show you the one promise that Event Horizon members make to each other: