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Behind the State Dons: Part 1 Times4

Reaching the position of a State Don in the game is hard work! The players below have braved the game for months, performing countless organized crimes, and have managed to stay alive long enough to reach a peak of the game: State Don! The Buzz sat down with 3 of the State Dons: Headlesjoe (Michigan), cycoUG (New York) and opeth (Colorado). Here is what they had to say:

The Buzz: Thanks for agreeing to an interview with the buzz for our “Behind the State Dons” article! First question: Tell us a bit about your bootlegger’s history? (eg, New player? Old player? Returning player?)
Headlesjoe: I am a returning player played a couple of years ago with dirty house and returned this round.
cycoUG: Old player, I can't remember what year I started but it was around 2004, a few
months after my 1st child was born, I know that for sure.
opeth: Started in round 5 I believe. Played on and off for a while

The Buzz: Is this the first time that you have reached state don?
Headlesjoe: Yes this is my first time reaching state don never made is any higher as don in the past
cycoUG: Second time this round and second time of my BL career. Maybe people knew better in the days than let me rank state don. haha. I was Illinois State Don on my last account, saieko.
opeth: Yes it is, I reached ldon a few times but never higher.

The Buzz: What was the road to State Don like? Any hiccups or close calls with death along the way? (E.g. crew mates dying beside you, any other feelings like you wouldn’t make it)
Headlesjoe: The road was smooth had a great crew who helped me out after I had bad luck shooting a layered player on my former account.
cycoUG: Well, I seriously didn't think I'd reach state don this time. This time the road to state don was fairly easy going, I didn't use that much gold until my IRL friend opeth was within reach and I had ranked ldon.
opeth: lots and lots of oc's. The crew got wiped and I was one of the left overs that didn't get shot!

The Buzz: How were you feeling when you finally seen that you received your s.don invite? And why did you pick that particular state that you have?
Headlesjoe: It felt like having a little party . It was in the weekend they turned back the clock 1hr. so the invites where an hour late, so that was a long hour waiting again. I picked Michigan because that’s the state which Dutch Inc. already had the train station and Illinois was already taken.
cycoUG: I felt like a lucky motherfucker! lol, sdon twice in a row.
It was either Cali or NY, since Shanedog from DI was going to rank with me, I
asked him if I could get the NY state simply because it was close to home.
opeth: Glad it was finally there, the red ticket! I chose Colorado because I went there for training and spent a couple weeks. Love the state, love the people, love the views, love the new laws!

The Buzz: What’s it like being a state don? What is your typical day like?
Headlesjoe: It’s not much different from being an r or an l don. Doing crimes, GTA, organized crimes, booze smuggle and busting
cycoUG: You wake up to a couple of BM asking you if you can oc. I'm an easy going guy, so being sdon doesn’t change much, except that I got lazy and I’m not doing ocs as much as before. I wake up, fund my personal bullet factory and then wait for a crew mate to ask me into an oc, lol. I said I got lazy above right?
opeth: Wake up, check daily profit. Laugh at how low it is.. then OC if I got time. After that it's off to work where I wait for a message to do my OC.

The Buzz: Do people treat you differently in the game?
Headlesjoe: Yes some people do. The most of those players low ranks that want you in your oc and already feel great if u send them a mail back that you can’t . But most of the players are treating me the same as before my state don rank. And of course the beggars they all think as state don is a bank where you can get free money.
cycoUG: Well, maybe a bit. Since I don't care about ranking anymore, I'll let just about anyone in my ocs. When I lead it's usually gangster+, I had issues with thugs in my ocs, sorry to the scums, peewees and thugs.
opeth: I get more people asking me to OC since I got state don hehe.

The Buzz: What would you say is the best part of being a state don? (e.g., helping crew mates, having power, earning money etc.)
Headlesjoe: The best part i.m.o. is the personal bullet factory and the fast PI, helping out crewmates I already did and you don’t gain much more power by only reaching s.don.
cycoUG: Easy access to the bullets is the best thing to me. I don't have to click so much to get a decent amount of bullets.
opeth: Personal bullet factory and money trickling in.

The Buzz: Any special plans while you are state don? Anything you would like to add?
Headlesjoe: No I don’t have any special plans beside the bust-topic that give busters the chance to earn some Beaufords The only thing I like to add is many tnx to sonnywhite, cable and showtime to giving me the opportunity to reach state don as well all my crewmates for their time by helping me out.
cycoUG: Nothing particular, shooting a few guys obviously and ranking out crew mates.
opeth: Enjoy it while it lasts

One thing is very clear: The State Dons love their personal bullet factories! We thank all of the state dons for participating in these interviews. The community understands they are busy people, and we thank them for their time. We hope you learned a bit more about your State Dons! Check out Part 2 and Part 3 for an interview with our other State Dons!