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Behind the State Dons: Part 3 Times4

The Buzz caught up with the final 2 State Dons: xShaneDog07x (California) and Milhouse (Illinois). This is what they had to say on being State Don:

The Buzz: Thanks for agreeing to an interview with the buzz for our “Behind the State Dons” article! First question: Tell us a bit about your bootlegger’s history? (eg, New player? Old player? Returning player?)
xShaneDog07x: I would say I am an old player that has returned in round 7. I played for several rounds I believe 1-4 or maybe more then took a few years off. I was in TPR in round 7. Over my career I have been a boss or a council members for several crews. It is sad though a lot of the people I used to know do not play anymore. Just a list of some older crews I was in ....The Corleone Family (First Crew I was in in the very first round) None!, Gangsters Sanctuary, MF, The Titans, NBK, TBH, The Dog Pound, Clinched Fist
Milhouse: I’m an old returning player, i think i started way back in 2004. I’ve played off and on for many years, but I’ve returned this time from about a 2 year hiatus

The Buzz: Is this the first time that you have reached state don?
xShaneDog07x: Yes. Usually never made it past Don.
Milhouse: This is the second invite I’ve had but the first time I’ve accepted many moons ago I had the invite but my BD's weren't online so i never accepted before I went to work. Logged on at lunch and I was dead

The Buzz: What was the road to State Don like? Any hiccups or close calls with death along the way? (E.g. crew mates dying beside you, any other feelings like you wouldn’t make it)
xShaneDog07x: No hiccups or almost dying that I can recall. I really was not trying too hard at first because there was only 1 state don spot open. However, when Inky died of backfire (sorry Inky!!) That opened the door and I spent several days like I am sure most State Dons have and did constant ocs with resetting. I did beat Cyco by 7 secs for the S don bids!
Milhouse: It has been pretty smooth sailing up to l.don. I reset a lot during the half timers.
Once I was l.don I knew i didn't have the highest exp. however Perth died the very same day so i was then the only L.don at the time. I managed to do 4 ocs a day and build up a lead before the next lot of l.dons. I thought I couldn’t be caught, however I realised TaBxRoidRage was resetting as often as possible and quickly eroded my lead. I had to fight him then and used the remainder of my gold and he kept going. After a few very generous gifts from friends i was able to start resetting again the day before i got the invite. I honestly didn’t know if I’d get the invite as I knew it would be close between me and TaBx. Luckily I had more exp.

The Buzz: How were you feeling when you finally seen that you received your s.don invite? And why did you pick that particular state that you have?
xShaneDog07x: I was relieved that I finally made it to S don. Took me a few nights of barely any sleep and a lot of OCs to get where I was. There was only 2 states open. Cyco and I both talked it over and decided the various states we chose.
Milhouse: Relieved!! I’ve put a lot of hard work and time into this account and it made it worthwhile. I also never let down the people who helped fund the last day of resets. Illinois was the only open state. That helped me really go for it, as it’s the most active and I’m very happy Illinois was available.

The Buzz: What’s it like being a state don? What is your typical day like?
xShaneDog07x: My days are not a big change. Only real difference is I am not that hard pressed to OC like I was previously. I do try to do more smuggle oc's than I ever have. As well as other means to make money to help keep the personal bf running.
Milhouse: I’m still getting people congratulate me which is very nice, I mainly just crime booze and oc like i always did. Now I don’t put quite the same effort in as I’ve reached my goal. I get lots of messages, mainly about oc's or busts as busting is way easier and much more fun as s.don

The Buzz: Do people treat you differently in the game?
xShaneDog07x: Yes and No. My friends do not treat me any different. However, I seem to get a lot more beggars, people asking for ocs and just overall BMing me. I think it also has a lot to do with the new users online update. As the state dons/N don are shown so people that do not know many or none at all start with those people on the states page.
Milhouse: I get the sense people respect the rank to be honest. I’m a friendly guy but everyone seems very nice atm.

The Buzz: What would you say is the best part of being a state don? (e.g., helping crew mates, having power, earning money etc.)
xShaneDog07x: I like helping my crew mates whenever I can. They have always been there for me as well as helped me. So it is nice to return the favour whenever I can.
Milhouse: I can now relax more and help my crew mates rank in OCs. However one of the main perks is my shiny new personal bullet factory

The Buzz: Any special plans while you are state don? Anything you would like to add?
xShaneDog07x: I give a lot of credit for me being State Don to my crew mates. Without them I doubt I would have been where I am today. As in plans...I guess we shall see
Milhouse: No real plans, just see how it goes. I’ll keep trying to bust people wherever I am and hopefully help people where I can. I’d like to thank all of Event Horizon who helped me enormously and also my OC team who got me to l.don, they are incredible. I’ve made many friends this round and I’m enjoying myself, I just wish for that to continue.

That concludes part 3 of our Behind the State Dons articles. Thanks for all State Dons for participating in these interviews, and we hope you had fun reading all about the lives. We wish all the State Dons the very best for their future in the game.