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Feedbuzz Contest Winners and this week's contest Times4

Last week, we asked our readers to answer a question for the chance to possibly win cash. The question, “What would you like to see from the Buzz and why?” did not receive quite as many replies as we had hoped for. We only received 3 entries that followed all the rules, which were: submitted through the “contest entries” form and were 25 words and less. We received more entries that did not follow the rules, however we appreciate all the feedback we get, and will take it all on board. Here are the winners of the contest:

“What would you like to see from the Buzz and why?”

I would like to see weekly updates of ratfaceray_ cartoons, buzz scavenger hunts, info on Christmas competition please an thank you buzz crew
Peterpiper said

I would like to see more contests like the one last round where you had puzzles and clues to follow. That was incredibly fun.
GolderV3 said

I have different competitions in mind for players. This way, they could expand their knowledge on different subjects.
BernieMac said

Congratulations to the users above! We will be sending you out a cool $500,000 for your responses. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on our first issue of The Buzz.

Issue #21 Contest

In this issue, Mysticwig_ used a map. For $500,000 I ask you:

What game is this map from and what does it show?

BM Inks with your response.

We will look to do some more competitions and giveaways in the near future as the feedback suggests, so keep checking back and YOU could win something!