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An Interview With The VooDooDoll Cypha

The Buzz: Hello VooDooDoll, first of all, let me say thank you on behalf of The Buzz for making the time to do this interview. So, how are you today?
VooDooDoll: I am well. But the day is still young!

The Buzz: We at The Buzz have decided to go to the Community to give them a chance of asking the Elite Guard some questions. Firstly, a question from NewAccountName, and he asks, what are, according to you, the problems that Bootleggers face?
VooDooDoll: I think in my opinion one of the biggest problems is getting new players in the game and keeping the ones we currently have. In addition to the typical select people that are always finding a way to bend the rules.

The Buzz: Skeggi wanted to know What feature would you personally want to remove from the game? and What feature would you personally want to add to the game?
VooDooDoll: I'd like to see establishments return with more options to develop on then. As far as removing a feature I would have to say possibly the hitlist? I rarely see it used anymore.

The Buzz: I was discussing the hitlist with another player the other day, and we were mentioning the hitlist never seems to get filled like it use to. Why do you think that is? it would be good to see establishments re-appear though.
VooDooDoll: I have no idea why it is. My guess is the extra fees it costs to add someone. Maybe people are just handling things themselves lately.

The Buzz: OK. Next, Skeggi also threw in a couple of random questions, and these really are random but we said we would ask. Firstly, Do you own a pair of green socks, and what kind of cheese do you think the moon is made of?
VooDooDoll: I think I have a pair of Christmas socks. I suppose that counts. And in my world the moon is made of bacon.

The Buzz: Why is the moon bacon in your world?
VooDooDoll: Because I love bacon. It's meat candy!

The Buzz: Nice. Riccio would like to know how are we going to make this game popular to new players? What's your approach on reeling in new players? Riccio also said are the Elite Guard now trying to satisfy the old school players with new updates, ideas and more? Or may this be for, as questioned above, the new-comers?
VooDooDoll: I think the new updates are here to keep things fair and consistent between both groups. The players that have been here for ages as well as those who might be newer. It's always difficult to appease both. There will always be people that welcome these changes and there will be those that dislike them. We have to do what we feel will help the game as a whole NOT what serves one group over another. I think the community events and activities appeal to new players as well as old. The trick is getting them in the door! Word of mouth as well as possible outside advertisement is ideal.

The Buzz: Abii wanted to know if you know anyone, who plays this game, personally?
VooDooDoll: I have made a lot of friends over the years and even though some of them no longer play we keep in touch. But if you mean face to face real life people then no.

The Buzz: A random question from Magikarp, what is your baby finger for?
VooDooDoll: Nose picking of course! Haha (kidding!)

The Buzz: yeah yeah, we believe it was a 'joke'. Do u miss being a 'normal player'
VooDooDoll: Do I miss it? In all honesty not really

The Buzz: Do you miss any of the old Elite Guard members you have worked with before? Do you have any ex-member who you would like to see re-join the team?
VooDooDoll: I miss Sabin. Not sure I'm allowed to say that even.

The Buzz: OK, we will move on. You were a mod previously, and then left. What was your reason for re-joining?
VooDooDoll: As a player I had accomplished everything I had wanted to. I like being on this side. I feel more suited to help.

The Buzz: And finally, just to put you in a slightly awkward position, name one person from the Elite Guard, The Buzz Team, the Help Desk and a 'normal player' who is your favourite, and explain your reason for each answer.
VooDooDoll: Elite Guard I would have to say Caboose (much develop. So moderator. Wow!). I really like Mika too. He does an awful lot for Bootleggers that people never see. I appreciate him too! The Buzz, I don't know any of them well enough to answer fairly! Perhaps we can change that. Help Desk would have to be 1up ((heart)) and player, that's too hard to pick one and YES THIS IS TERRIBLY AWKWARD! I don't like that word favorite......I'm a lover not a fighter!

The Buzz: Great answers, and I will let you off answering Buzz Writer and Normal Player. Is there anything you would like to say to the community before we finish this interview?
VooDooDoll: Eat more bacon!

The Buzz: haha. Thanks for taking the time to allow The Buzz to interview you. It's been fun.