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Abusing A Bust Party Cypha

Monday 1st December we saw a Bust Party taking place in Illinois, hosted by NaserV2, with a prize of just over $5,000,000.

With a prize pot this big, players were doing their best to get a good share of the prize, but little did they know that no matter how many times they busted NaserV2, they were never going to get a nice reward. With a total of 101 busts, players should have received $51,222 per bust. Players in fact received the equivalent to half a bust (if that is even possible). Looking at the rewards which were sent out, it was clear to see what had happened. NaserV2 had given one player $3,104,400 and another players $517,400 which meant the remainder was split between the rest of the players.

This, of course, sparked outrage on the Game Forum, where many players were arguing that he should be banned with LesterBurnham saying "I think misusing a moderator's (quite large) donation by "randomly" giving 60% to one person and 10% to a second person (coincidentally within the same crew) who both don't deserve it based on their performance in this specific bust party could be defined as cheating or abusing a feature." and PerthDiedAgain saying "Lmfao Caboose. You ban people for the most smallest thing and this isn't abusing a feature? Like really?"

VooDooDoll also stepped in by giving her two cents: "It doesn't violate any rules BUT let me add my two cents. Way to go guys. What a way to ruin something. Bust parties are HUGE and thanks to these guys people are going to have a hard time trusting enough to donate. Good job." NaserV2 and ShouBaSh (who was awarded over $3,000,000) came in to the discussing to defend their actions. ShouBaSh said "Well everyone, just wanted to say words. Well some people asked me and I've answered. Anyway I'm sorry for his mistake but that's fine please next time any one want anything can leave a bootmail, not say bad word for just 3 million."

NaserV2 also had a say in the matter, and defending his actions by saying "I will only say it's my mistake I just took it cool and gave it randomly for 2 people and gave the rest around. It did say in a reply I will be giving randomly, but still I made a mistake by giving randomly, I should gave it per bust. Sorry to all who participated, next time will make sure it will be per bust. Caboose I'm sorry I didn't mean to abuse the bust party feature. All of it by mistake". We caught up with VooDooDoll, to find out what she, as a member of Elite Guard, thought about what had happened.

Yes it was and is scamming. Technically all games, contests, giveaways hosted by other players are pretty much "enter at your own risk". So what they did was not an offense we can ban over. That does not mean I agree with what they did (as per my response in the forums). I think it was a really crappy thing that happened. I did got back and read later on that the host did it on accident or didn't know or picked the "big winner" at random. And all I can say to that is that person has played BL long enough to know better and if a mistake was truly made then say something from the get-go not after the fact. Will it effect future bust events? Hard to tell. Maybe depends on the reputation of the individual hosting it? I myself will think twice before randomly donating to a good majority of them like I do. If we had to find a solution to stop it Id say just simply make the payout per bust equal across the board

Now, you could say that it was an abuse of a lot of people's cash, or abuse of the system and feature, or it was just simply an honest mistake, however one person didn't see it as an honest mistake, and NaserV2 was found face down, lifeless, possibly regretting his mistake in his afterlife. So, has this damaged the trust within the Community, whereby players will no longer want to donate large sums of money to players they barely know nor trust, or is this just an incident which can be pushed to one side and forgotten about? Only time will tell if this 'jail-busting abuse' is seen more often. Hopefully not. The Elite Guard VooDooDoll was on hand to step in though, and try and restore the faith with her post in the Game Forum:

VooDooDoll wrote:
Scammer Free Bust party No gold busting! Payout is per bust. $5 million from Caboose's donation yesterday that got "misplaced" $5 million from me