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Toggle Your Status! Times4

As most players would be aware, on the 14th of November, changes were made to the Users Online list, so that it only shows your friends and staff members on the Users Online page. This particular update has been covered in an article in Issue #20 of the Buzz by Nordy3. If you are unaware of the details surrounding why, the change was made because power house crews were shooting random people from the users online page that they perceived as a threat, generally Boss + accounts that have no crew affiliation. In the weeks that have passed since the big update, a few smaller updates have taken place.

Firstly, the "Find Player" feature is now limited to 20 uses in a 24-hour period. After the users online feature was “taken offline”, the find player system became one way that the powerful crews in the game were searching for crewless accounts. By typing in a few letters, and using a few MySQL wildcards, these crews were able to wade through every account made this round, to try and find potential threats to kill off (which may have previously been done via the Users Online feature). The limit was imposed to stop people searching endlessly for these crewless accounts to kill off.

Secondly, “Due to continued abuse, the number of profiles you may view in one day has been limited to 100.” This one goes hand in hand with the find player feature, people were searching the find player list, clicking on every alive player’s profile they could find, hoping to hit the jackpot of a potential threat, to eventually kill. Most of the results of find player are normally filled with scums and inactive accounts that pose no threats to anyone. A limit of 100 profiles viewed a day, reduces the chance of a crewless potential threat being found. This update caused a bit of anger in the community. One example, is that user SmokeyBear was unable to view IreneJohnson’s profile for mission 9, in which you must view and click her profile to complete the mission, after they viewed more than 100 profiles that day. Caboose moved quickly to fix this, stating that “Mission characters are now exempt from the profile limit.”

On the 2nd of December, more than 2 weeks after the original change, the option came to toggle your “online” status using the account tab under your profile page. If unchecked, you will not appear on the users online page, except to friends, and not appear in the last 10 signups. If the box is checked, you appear online for all users to see. The box is unchecked by default. So now users can choose: Do they appear online for everyone to see? Or do they try to stay as hidden as possible, to hopefully rank up without being seen. The Buzz caught up with a few players, to see why they chose the status of their choice: online or "offline"

Status: Appearing Online

Considering several of us are old-school players, who drop in time from time, it's hard to find back old friends. If you're new to type of games like this, first thing you do is check the user online page, and try to find somebody who you might know from somewhere else, or new people to get in contact with. I've nothing to hide, and I want to get in contact again with old friends. If they want to shoot me, they can do it, whether I’m shown at the users online page or not.
maffiosea said

Status: Appearing "Offline"

Tbh. I didn't change the option; it was by default unticked. I guess this option is more useful to the crewless players if they wanted to go UG, with this option and the "hide the name on signing up" option. As I'm in a fixed oc team it won't be that helpful in this area.. But maybe chatting with people or showing your crew that you have nothing to hide. It has its advantages and disadvantages on many levels
UnTouchable said

Status: Appearing Online

Well you know it’s dangerous to be on the user online page, especially crewless, but if you keep your cash in gold, you won’t be risking too much when you get shot, so I don't have anything to worry about.
Royalbloodz said

Status: Appearing Online

The reason why I became online is actually because I can't see the point of not. Either way TS will find you and shoot you when you get past r.boss so why should I hide? It’s a game and getting shot is a part of the game and I’m not afraid of getting shot at.
rMrMz said

So there you have it! The new ability to toggle your status is an interesting one. As a player, do you stay online for the social aspect? or for people to see your OC status easier? To show you have nothing to hide? Or do you stay “offline” to avoid the spotlight, and try to rank in peace? Only time will tell which action most players decide to take.