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Moving forward in Bootleggers… Inks

In the cut throat world of the Mafia life in Bootleggers, there is a fear of death in everything that we do. Individually, we fear our little ranks and achievements. We fear losing our stats.

But there is a wider fear – a fear that Bootleggers itself will soon be dead.

Moderators and players alike wish the game to be well stocked with players – new and returning - and with features that make it a great thing to click on.
And click.
And click some more.
Oh look, I stole a Starpegasus.

Before the Buzz was back, I made sure I copied a forum post that had me intrigued.

Monstrosityy wrote:
“A see a lot of players moaning about certain crews own the game/control it. Why not put something in place where crews/gangs/families have to shoot each other in their own crew ranks to remain on the stats page? I mean make the game more about killing, make it as important as doing an oc on an everyday basis…make more ways of bringing bullets into the game, just a few other bits to do. That might make more people come play?”

Replies to Monstrositty’s post were philosophical.

Vanguardmembernumber3 responded:
“just because we are "Losing" doesn't mean that the game has to change. Of course we need maintenance, tweaks, incentives and activities but that's a normal thing…this is bootleggers not Hello Kitty, we all can't win all the time.”

This is true – Mafia game, remember? However, this reoccurring issue of total domination by large crews is an issue that even the Elite Guard has been trying to tackle. Nordy3 exemplified the issue:

“You are correct in that we will always have the problem of domination until this happens. Having around 200 players all playing on one "team" is what causes total domination this fast into a round. The only answer is to accept that this is how the game will be played and reset the game on a regular schedule. Or... You add a feature that will prevent groups of players from playing together like they are.”

So, in recent times, that’s exactly what they did – and now cue the new updates.

However, has it been a change for the better? Have the updates so far increased the pace and made the game a fairer play? Do you enjoy the events and activities being invested to try and increase gamer satisfaction?

We would love to hear your views on how Round #8 is progressing and any ideas on how the game could (feasibly) be improved. A healthy discussion is always productive - tell me your thoughts.