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Bootleggers Improvements Bernie

BB-Codes Improvements

It's quite troublesome for Buzz writers to use BB codes for every *center, *color and *img tag. I think this should be set in the tool bar when you are writing a comment or an article. It's easier to click and the proper tag is added.


When replying to a person, whole history between two players should be available. At this moment, you can only see last reply and when you want to check previous history, you must: open a new browser tab or leave current message to check previous messages.

Player Forum Track

Current option allow us, to send money, add users as friends, hire investigators and initiate escrows.
We should add option to track user posts on forums. By clicking on this, you could see what that specific user has posted on forums, making it like a small list of where he has been present with his comments. This makes it easier for people to track some posts. This could be beneficial for HDO's and others. Another good thing would be, to add search option for names of users, at the moment we can only search topic names.

Buzz Colors

That yellowish color on Buzz can look so dull, let the editor of the Buzz be able to change the color.
Another addition: Editors can customize their articles colors to their preference.
Such as title bar and article background.

Master Account Login

Improving players login times can be a slight improvement on a long run. Making it able to use master account to log in, rather then living accounts. Current situation dictates, when you die your account name changes, so if you have your password remembered by your browser, you have to type it back in. With master account you don't have to deal with this hassle.

Timer Based Investigators

I can't claim this was my idea, but someone else posted this, and I think it deserves to be put here.
Not everyone has time to be online all the time, so this feature could be really handy. You could set a timer of 2 hours when your investigator starts with his searches. And when he ends, another can continue with his work.

Kill Level

This idea is somewhat interesting and limited. But I will suggest it anyway.
By implementing kill level requirements we can decrease low ranks being killed. Example: DON rank can't kill rank SCUM, as that would be too easy. And by other way around, it would be too expensive but not impossible. If a Don rank wants to kill someone, they would need a lower rank to do their bidding. Limit could be set to 3-5 ranks. So SCUM could be only killed by max rank ASSASSIN and below.
This could create another way of playing by creation of crews who would dominate on low, mid and higher levels. As there are 15 ranks, this could create 3 groups (low,mid, high) where some group could dominate.

More suggestions can be added in the comment section below.
Thank you for your time.