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Interview With Caboose Cypha

The Buzz: Hello Caboose. Thanks for making the time to do this interview. So, how are you today?
Caboose: Super, thanks for asking!

The Buzz: What are, according to you, the problems that Bootleggers face?
Caboose: Where do we even start? The game definitely needs more players. We continually strive to find balance between different play styles and making sure everyone is able to play the game the way they want to while maintaining a competitive balance. We have uber-paranoid crews mowing down everyone who has the unmitigated audacity to rank past Boss. I could go on, but we're all aware of the challenges facing the game right now.

The Buzz: We asked VooDooDoll this same question, and as it was a question asked by a member of the community, we will ask you the same. What feature would you personally want to remove from the game? and What feature would you personally want to add to the game?
Caboose: If it was up to me I would remove the ability to search for a witness statement. It's the most nonsensical thing that's ever been added to this game (IMHO). The only statements available should be the ones generated by the system when a kill is made. The feature I would like to add is a Safety deposit box. This would allow players to "hide" as much wealth as they wish by placing it into a Safe Deposit box at the bank. This money would not earn interest and there would be a 10% withdrawal fee when the box is accessed. Also, the box would only be available to that account, unlike the Swiss which can be accessed by multiple people and can be retained after you are shot.

The Buzz: Skeggi wanted to know the following: Firstly, Do you own a pair of green socks, and what kind of cheese do you think the moon is made of?
Caboose: I do not own a pair of green socks, and the moon is clearly a spherical Babybel.

The Buzz: Riccio would like to know how are we going to make this game popular to new players? What's your approach on reeling in new players? Riccio also said are the Elite Guard now trying to satisfy the old school players with new updates, ideas and more? Or may this be for, as questioned above, the new-comers?
Caboose: Updates are generally meant to bring balance to the game, to refine game play based on BSF2000's goals for the game as a whole, and to fix any exploits or other unintended things that come up. We've also made some changes to make the game more accessible such as reducing the time and effort it takes to do the early missions, reducing crime timers, etc.

The Buzz: Abii wanted to know if you know anyone, who plays this game, personally?
Caboose: Currently, I do not.

The Buzz: Do you miss being a 'normal player'
Caboose: Not really - after seeing behind the curtain, I don't know how anyone could go back to just being a "Regular" player. It definitely demystifies a lot of the things that make the game exciting.

The Buzz: BernieMac asks, Why don't cows run?
Caboose: They're never in a hurry.

The Buzz: The Buzz's very own Times4 said, we noticed that you are doing a picture contest in the classifieds forum. Do you have any other games or contests you are thinking about for the future? Anything we should watch out for?
Caboose: I generally do stuff as it comes to me, so I don't have anything right now, but you never know when I'll start a new game or contest.

The Buzz: Do you miss any of the old Elite Guard members you have worked with before? Do you have any ex-member who you would like to see re-join the team?
Caboose: The only member who has departed during my tenure is Aldarion, and I wasn't on the team long enough to have a chance to work with him that much. However, I would definitely like to see Sky make his long-awaited return!

The Buzz: What is the biggest surprise you have had since becoming mod
Caboose: How wrong so many people are about so many things with respect to how the game works.

The Buzz: Can you elaborate on that? Provide some examples?
Caboose: Nope. Signed an NDA

The Buzz: Last week we witness you hosting a game, Afternoon RR, was there a particular reason for this being run?
Caboose: We're doing a lot more contests, etc during the holiday season. I know RR's are popular for everyone and lately I have been trying to encourage the State and Nation dons to participate - unfortunately without much luck so far! Much like the contests, I'll do an RR when the mood strikes.

The Buzz: We also noticed the prize for the surviver was higher compared to last games of RR you have hosted. Any particular reason?
Caboose: Mostly to encourage participation from higher ranks. We usually see a lot of Boss and R.Boss ranks in the RR's. I want to see more Dons! Come on guys, live a little!

The Buzz: How about this as an idea, BSF2000 hosts a RR, which includes ALL of the Elite Guard, and depending on which Elite Guard survived, would decide what prize the community gets. Could this be an idea to possibly consider?
Caboose: That could be fun, though it'd be a headache reviving everybody

The Buzz: And finally, just to put you in a slightly awkward position as we did with VooDooDoll, name one person from the Elite Guard, The Buzz Team, the Help Desk and a 'normal player' who is your favourite, and explain your reason for each answer.
Caboose: EG: Mika. Few people realize how much he contributes behind the scenes. The game would be in a lot of trouble if it weren't for him. He's an arbiter of reason and fair play, able to manage all of us wild children and more often than not present a measured and fair response no matter the situation. Buzz: You're all new! I like that gumshoe guy, though. He's not afraid to stir the pot.Help Desk: Sulphur. He's been great to work with and has been a big help. Normal Player = DTOX. I enjoy our conversations about the game as well as conversations in the OTF about world affairs.

The Buzz: Is there anything you would like to say to the community before we finish this interview?
Caboose: Keep on going!