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The Newest Private Investigator Released Nordy3

As promised, the Elite Guard has released the first new private investigator. The new private investigator allows you to bribe a bank official into providing the bank records for a specific state. To get a better idea of how the feature worked I put it to the test. I turned to my friends at the Wesley Hugh Agency and sent them to Illinois to investigate. Around 5 hours later I got my results.

Wesley Hugh Agency

We were able to bribe bank officials who gave us the following names:

This concludes our search. Thank you for choosing us for your investigative needs!

The bank teller sold me out.

So was the private investigator accurate? When releasing the update Caboose made the following remarks:

There is also a chance of getting false names, so be careful! Sometimes those bank tellers don't like PIs (private investigators) trying to bribe them, so they will give out random names just to make them go away
Caboose said

Well, I did indeed make a large deposit into illinois that day. My good friend bananamole also confirmed that he had also deposited a large sum of money. So the results seem to be accurate and it seems this time I did not get any false names.

Caboose also responded to a question by RaggleTaggleGypsy in the forums saying that this private investigator will only return results for people who make large deposits. But, what constitutes a large deposit? I personally banked around 30 million and bananamole disclosed that he had banked over 60 million. When I reached out to Caboose to see if he would make a remark on the deposits he said it was for the players to find out on their own.

A few people were quick to say that this private investigator would be manipulated and could easily be avoided by making many small deposits into the bank. Caboose had the following to say about this:

I think "manipulated" is an obnoxious word. One could theoretically avoid detection by doing so. It's a strategic move.
Caboose said

Fair enough, I guess we will have to wait and see how this feature makes it's way into the play books. As for Caboose, he and Mika have an idea for another private investigator that we can look forward to.