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Bootleggers Improvements v2 Bernie

Money Reduction | Crews

I fear the money problem might become too big to tackle if there is no real counterweight to balance it. While you think there is one and it's called killing, I would go a step further reminding you, current system is such, where big crews control the killing and those crews hold the majority of the money. So killing is actually a bad counter measure as of this moment. We need a better one. And here is an idea.

We have gangs, crews and families as our types of grouping same minded people who share same goals, ideas and much more. They invest into crews by buying different structures to improve.So why not create an expense concept for such crews. For each gym built, there should be a daily cost, same with other structures inside crews. Operational cost of these structures should be present. One more thing, amount of the expenses should variate, gangs should pay lower percentage of cost as crews and families.
If you are able to get to a strong stable family, there should be some kind of cost to sustain it.


Locked topics should be deleted. They are clogging the space and present useless space to the forums.

Find Players

An option where you could find players by their wealth would be a nice feature. It would help reducing game money.

Improving User Experience

Using colors as a highlight when you want to click on Main > Statistics. Colors are more visible than underlined line when you go with your mouse cursor over a link on Bootleggers.

Updating FAQ

Updating and improving should be done. No need to say more.

This is all for 2nd edition.
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