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Nation Don DarkHartv1 is Shot Nordy3

Confusion was still in the air last week regarding the recent death of the Nation Don Darkheartv1. This week the Buzz tried to tackle the details. On Wednesday last week early in the day we saw four The Prophecy members get gunned down. Many people were franticly looking in the forums and graveyard for a witness statement. CycoUG the boss of The Prophecy was able to find one witness statement and take out the shooter DXS. Unfortunately for cycoUG there were more shooters still to come. It was quiet for about 2 hours before the blood started to spill again. This time another 16 accounts were shot. The last account being the Nation Don DarkHeartv1. The shootings on The Prophecy seemed to stop shortly there after when another low account Alias, an Assassin, was the shot.

Two other shooters were allegedly involved, but verified witness statements have not been provided to the buzz. SecretGarden and Despina were also killed during this time frame.

Many people were sceptical about how an Assassin and a Hitman could take down 20 accounts total including a Nation Don. Well, just prior to the shooting Alias was buying large amounts of gold for $10,000 over the current price in the classifieds. After further investigation it also became apparent that Alias was actually ranked Respectable Boss when he shot. Alias had been hard kicked from Event Horizon resulting in him losing two ranks before being killed.

So, who were these shooters? Alias at the time of the shooting was wearing a banner indicating that he was part of The Syndicate. But, before dying made an alteration to his profile indicating that he was the boss of the crew Wombatzu. The Buzz was unable to get a word from him but Alias also wrote on his tombstone, "Everyone in TP ask cyco why he didnt save you".

Well, I don't know about The Prophecy members, but I had to ask cycoUG what this meant. cycoUG disclosed that Alias had offered him $158 million to hard kick and kill DarkHartv1 which he declined.

cycoUG was also eager to know why the shooter did not see a lot of backfire. He said DarkHeartv1 had well over 1 million bullets on hand and most members were stocked as well. He noted that he, as a State Don, had personally lost a 100% of his protection as well as 12% protection from shooting DXS.

The only question remaining was why? In cycoUG's opinion it was an attempt to disrupt the peace in the alliance among The Prophecy and their friends. He went on to say that this attempt has failed and he believes they are stronger than ever now because of it.