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Around The Corner Bar Wiped by Event Horizon Nordy3

Another crew wipe took place last week. Around the Corner Bar (ATCB) after converting from Hells Den was shot by Event Horizon. I sat down and talked with the key players involved to get the details. Bastion the under boss of Event Horizon said that the idea to shoot ATCB originally stemmed from their State Don Milhouse suggesting it. He had an itchy trigger finger and ATCB seemed like the perfect target. He commented saying

They had changed from Hells Den, so we had no problems in shooting them.
Bastion said

He also added that the decision to shoot a crew was made simply out of boredom. I turned to the boss of ATCB to see what she had to say on the matter.

First I wanted to see just why ATCB had emerged from Hells Den. Sexygrlv3 said she was a founder of ATCB with RatfaceRay and added "Ratty sold the crew to me and I made it ATCB."

When I asked about being shot she confirmed that they were indeed angry about the attack, but did not want to take part in any form of a war with Event Horizon. However that was not the case for all ATCB members. SmokeyBears the former high council of ATCB went to the forums in an attempt to confront Event Horizon about the shooting. He was calling for Event Horizon to kick their shooters or prepare for him to take action. When I asked him about his comments he said:

Well a few of their members made a mockery of my request in the topic you speak of and I received no formal response from any of the Event Horizon council or boss. So what happens next is I'm giving them the fair chance of a few days to discuss the matter internally as they may or may not be doing and then I will proceed with my next course of action. All I can tell you is that Justice will be served cold one way or another.
SmokeyBears said

Now that sounds like a man with a plan. When I asked Bastion what he thinks about the idea of someone trying to take on Event Horizon he said:

At this point, I'd hope so, especially after the topic that member in question. I don't expect it really, at least not now, because any other time I expected something to be done against us has turned out to be nothing. At this point, we'd welcome any sort of attempt. If there's no response, be it to this attack or in general against us with the 12 days of Christmas event and the ornaments, then there's something seriously wrong.
Bastion said

As for SmokeyBears he went on to write me a lengthy response on what I can only say was a very passionate opinion of Bootleggers and how he believes Event Horizon is ruining the game. He detailed how last round The Family dominated the game play shooting every other crew not affiliated with them out of boredom Event Horizon included. And he believes Event Horizon has become essentially what they complained so much about last round. He went on to say:

I come from a BL playing style of the past where an unknown player could make the rank of state don without being in a crew at all and killing wasn't the only way to play this game. I just don't want to see a game I love continue to lose a player base over certain individuals who "get bored" and kill people they don't even know or new players just getting killed over and over not even knowing what's going on or about what one group did to another.
SmokeyBears said

He also added that this is not entirely being done by Event Horizon. The actions are coming from a group of players but he thinks "a lot of Event Horizon members have been around a long time and should just know better."

Whether that is true or not really depends on your personal game play, but by the looks of it Event Horizon may be getting just what they wanted, a little action.