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What better way to spend your Christmas Eve... Cypha

During the past week, we have seen a large number of bust parties, mainly taking place in the state of Illinois. Once one bust party has finished, another seems to pop up, and we at The Buzz wanted to know, why are Bust Parties becoming more popular, why in the state of Illinois, and does busting play a big part in the experience gained to rank? More importantly, who hosts the best bust parties?
One player who is seen hosting a few bust parties is Sparks so we caught up with him for a quick chat. When asking Sparks why he hosts bust parties, and how he chooses his state, he said "I have multiple reasons. It boosts your busting stats so that's one reason, I hope to get in the top 10 some day, but I found out it can also help you get to know more players, as you roll into conversations often, so it's a very social 'feature'. I choose the most active state, which is Illinois, but I'm planning to host in different states more often from now on. Why not just make other states more active? The biggest pot I have had has been about $5,000,000 but I don't have the exact numbers. Most of it usually comes from donations by the way!" and when asked what makes a good and bad bust party, Sparks replied "The host should be pretty active, and the price per bust should be fair. Also the more participants, the better the party! For a bad part, I would have to say an inactive host, random pot distributions and low participation."

Another player who is seen to host bust parties is SmokeyBear. When asked the same question, he responded with "Well, I like to host parties because back when I first started playing bootleggers I used to get the player bust cards that each player would have ones like… “Ferrit busted you out of jail” pictures and I had joined my first crew and was part of The DogPound Jailbusters. And we would give out a card with a saying on it something like “if you’re in we’ll get you out!” I've always loved to bust it’s just fun, plus then maybe you make a new friend or two out of it. Busting just has good memories for me of the old times of Bootleggers. It’s a really nice way to pass the time and give other players something else to do in between the normal game playing. Oh ya, and when you host a party you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a few show up and fill a jail. As far as picking a state I try to make it fairly random. or somewhere people don’t normally go because its nice to see a Bust Party hosted in other states than Illinois. The biggest pot I've had so far has been somewhere around $1,500,000 I believe. I've never kept track really but now that you ask maybe I should!"

We asked the community who they thought were the best Bust Party host, and the top three players mentioned were Mika, AestheticusJezus and Divinebuster. AestheticusJezus being one of the more popular bust party hosts, we saw on Sunday that he had hosted a bust party, where the pot reached an amazing $22,000,000. We caught up with AestheticusJezus to find out why he hosts the bust parties, and why such a high amount of money goes in to his games. "For starters I like having fun and hosting these busy parties has certainly done that. Money is plenty, and hosting a bust party is a way giving back to the community it's never healthy to be greedy with money, it's my belief. I host big parties to attract the big busters and to have a good turn out at the party, to have fun and improve my bust stats at the same time without having to wait too long for each bust. As for hosting a bigger one? I will not disclose, time will tell." AestheticusJezus had a new account after being killed, and decided that he was going to go out with a bang, and lead a bust party in Illinois (Surprised?) with a pot total of 1,000 gold and $1,000,000.

So, why Illinois? Why is a state with probably one of the lowest payouts being used to hold the most bust parties? What attracts players to start a party there? It just seems that the general population of Bootleggers flea to Illinois to host these parties, and it's been pretty much that way since it started. There doesn't appear to be a specific reason behind this state being so popular.

After speaking with Mike, he explained he has only been the host of one bust party this round, donated to a couple, and not participated in any, however VooDooDoll and Caboose have hosted four. Regarding the ranking side of things, busting does have a part to play in ranking, however the Elite Guard are not allowed to disclose exactly what part they play in the ranking experience.

We have had a lot of players taking it upon themselves to help out the community by giving them the chance to earn cash per bust, as well as helping themselves, the host, improve their bust statistics. We saw Corey's Christmas Eve bust party plans go to ruins, so Perdition took the role of Christmas Eve Party Host and started a Bust Party, taking place on Christmas Eve where the pot currently stands at $21,000,000 and rising. Make sure you head over to Illinois, where other random prizes will be given away. Let's make this a Bust Party to remember.