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Save Christmas Part 1 Cypha

To mark the Christmas celebrations, the Elite Guard had informed the community that Santa had been shot out of the sky, and his eight reindeer had been caught in different states:

Santa was trying to make an extra buck by smuggling a sleigh full of wine from New York to California. However, the police in Illinois caught on and shot his sleigh out of the air! Now, Christmas is in danger! Santa has been arrested, his sled has been confiscated and his eight loyal reindeer have crashed in different states in country. They have been recovered by the police and have been left in the care of police officers that have been ordered to guard them with their lives. Now, Santa needs you to help save Christmas! In order to make sure that Bootleggers witnesses a happy Christmas, Santa needs his reindeer back, his sled recovered and then there is the little issue of him being in jail somewhere.

If you were lucky enough to find yourself a reindeer, you would earn yourself $5,000,000 and a Police Car, and if you were the one to take down the guard holding the reindeer, you also earn yourself $10,000,000 and 50,000 bullets. However, things didn't go as expected when it first started.

Donner was the first reindeer to be found, being held captive in New Jersey. It seems, however, that there was a glitch which caused the winner to receive his police car, only to have it taken straight away, and receive no notification that he had even found a reindeer. Other players also received several messages that their police car had been found, although they had not actually found the reindeer first. Caboose was quickly on it, and had the issue resolved within a couple of minutes. When asking Caboose what actually happened, we had no response.

Within the announcement of the event, we were told 'once a reindeer has been found, its profile will display the name of the guard that needs to be killed.' Players constantly checked the profiles of each of the missing reindeer, but as the profiles were updated by a moderator, players were unaware of whether or a not a reindeer had been found. If a reindeer had been found, the player who found the reindeer would then get a head start in finding the whereabouts of the officer, until Mika or Caboose came online to update the reindeer's profile. This meant you could be searching in one state for several hours, looking for a reindeer that was found a while back.

The Buzz's very own Nordy3 said that many of the police officers protecting the reindeer's names have already been discovered by players. He personally was searching four of them and his searches were deleted and shortly after it was implemented into the code to prevent this. This would have been a good idea to implement before the event began, but either way, this has been fixed to stop players finding the guard first.
There were also some complaints that the State Dons had an advantage over this event, whereby they could use the fasted Private Investigator to find the guard, giving them an unfair advantage. Caboose had also put a stop to this, after the game had already started.

All eight reindeer have been found, safe and well, and the guards responsible for capturing them have been 'taken care of', now, on to getting Santa's sleigh back for him...