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Saving Christmas...Part II Cypha

The community saw the second part of the Save Christmas event on Thursday night, which involved heading over to Illinois, and busting the old man's sleigh from the Illinois Police Central Garage crew. Many players began to head over to Illinois the second the last reindeer was found, and began attempting to bust the sleigh, however, it wasn't going to be easy, as the person that steals Santa's sleigh will get to keep its content as compensation for the trouble.

The aim of the mission was to head over to Illinois and attempt to steal Santa's sleigh back from the
The Buzz managed to catch up with Mika to find out exactly how many attempts it took.
"The second Christmas event required you to steal the sleigh for Santa and you said you wanted to know how many attempts it took. I am unable to tell you that, seeing the counter was set to reset the moment the sleigh was stolen, so that we could verify that it had indeed been stolen. But the lucky winner was someone who attempted to steal the car between the 10,000th and 10,100th attempt."

We caught up with the lucky winner m0schX to find out what happened and what he won.
The Buzz: Hi m0schX, firstly, congratulations on getting the sleigh. Had you been trying to steal it back for long? How many attempts do you think you made?
M0schX: Hi Cypha, overall since it began i've stolen 64 Cars, had probably double the attempts, have been really at it the last hour with the half timer on vote and other half timers giving me an attempt every 40 seconds which was good. I did go over and do my 100 busts on Santa, then came back to Illi and after about an hour of attempts I recovered it!

The Buzz: So, what did you get as a reward?
M0schX: This was the message received, no picture of a sleigh unfortunately: "You were able to recover Santa's Sleigh! Santa was so happy to have his sleigh back that he gave you the 10,000 crates of wine he was carrying in it!" So in michigan it's currently worth about $12,000,000 but I will be trying to push those prices up.

There you have it, over 10,000 attempts and the sleigh is recovered. Now, on to getting the jolly old man out of Jail...