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Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You... Cypha

Over time, we have seen BSF2000 take some abuse on the forum, from players who don't get the game they want, or managed the way they want it to be managed.
In the Game Forum this week, MATv2 was heard saying:

First of all you are an idiot for not supporting your loyal customers, i myself been playing for more than 8 years, spent lots of actual cash on the game. Second of all you make it obvious you don't give a fuck about any of us here, you don't answer the helpdesk tickets. Finally i started a helpdesk ticket over 2 months ago and till now i did not get an answer from you so all i can tell you is i wont be playing anymore (im sure many others already stopped playing because of your disrespectful actions). P.S. i payed for the chair you're sitting on.

BSF2000 recruited a team of Elite Guard moderators to handle his work load, yet certain things can only be handled by BSF2000 himself. When it comes to buying Gold with real cash, BSF2000 deals with that, no other member of the Elite Guard has access to verify anyones gold purchases, but they still get asked everyday why their gold is still unverified.
Trying to shed a bit of light on exactly why BSF2000 is either inactive less than the moderators, or why it takes so long to verify gold, we tried to speak to BSF2000 but was unavailable. We then approached the Head Moderator Mika to see if he could shed some light on what the man at the top does.

In game, BSF2000 is responsible for gold verification and issues surrounding this, including purchase and verification problems. No one else but him has access to the information on purchases, so he is the one that does that. Secondly, he has development duties that he attends to. Thirdly, he is the one that has the final word on Ban on Sight matters and hiring/letting go Elite Guard members. Outside the game, he takes care of the advertisement on Facebook by boosting certain messages, and getting the pictures made. Then there are also server contacts and other contacts that Bootleggers as a game needs to continue to exist.

In some ways, the arguments on the Game Forum can be justified, however these should really go through the Help Desk, and on the other hand, their arguments can be slightly invalid. when BSF2000 set up Bootleggers, it was a free-to-play web based game, and still is. The 'in-game purchases' are an addition to being allowed to play for free. If players had to pay to join and play Bootleggers, then their argument for getting things for free or getting things rushed along would be valid, however, if you are getting something for free, then you can't really complain. In regards to BSF2000 not responding to tickets, he has the Elite Guard there to help him out, after all, running a game this big on your own is near impossible. There is also the argument that the casinos are tilted one way or the other. We spoke to Caboose regarding this assumption:

Usually it's one of two things:
1. Some players think that those who buy gold have better odds to win
2. Some players who buy gold think they should have better odds to win
The casinos all have fixed odds. I can't tell you how they work unfortunately, but what I can say is that we don't tinker with the odds, and that they're the same for everyone.

So, as it stands and until we get a response from the top man himself, the players are getting a fairly good deal with a free-to-play game, they choose to buy gold, knowing that there can be a delay. Once we have a response from BSF2000 we will be sure to post a follow up.