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Escrow Update Cypha

Earlier this week, PerthDiedAgain suggested a feature which we are sure every player could benefit from.

The escrow feature could be way more user friendly. One of the update of it that should take place is to having a cross after the items so you can easily remove it if you have added the wrong items.

Like this:

The second update should be (-(money) Then it would minus the currently money added.

We have all at some point joined or started an Escrow, added either a car which was the wrong car, or points and realised you added too many, or money and forgot to add a little extra to cover the transfer fees, which always resulted in cancelling the Escrow and re-sending again. Why not have a 'x' or a '-' button next to each item added?

When put to the public vote, 86% (18 players) thought this would be a good idea. JackVincennes was heard saying "If they are going to make changes to the escrow feature, they should change its existence. The implementation of the escrow feature is one of the updates who made a maffia game evolve into a game which is more comparable to my little pony." The Buzz caught up with JackVincennes to find out exactly what he meant by that. "Well, I mean that I don't like the escrow feature at all and I believe it should never have been implemented. In the beginning, people traded gold (or other things for that matter) based on trust, either through trusted middle-men or directly if they personally trusted the specific buyer/seller. There was always the possibility to get scammed and I think that possibility should be there in a maffia game. Of course when you get scammed you will try to kill that person in order to punish them and in that way this game created more enemies / reasons to kill. Nowadays it's impossible because everyone uses the escrow feature. By introducing the "recent value of gold" they made things even worse, I believe supply and demand should create a price which is made by the players and not by some in-game calculator. I know this all is tricky, because people spent real money on gold and if they get scammed that can be interpreted as "stealing real money", but still those people who bought gold should be careful and trade with people they trust. In this current form enemies can only be created by insulting people or due to jealousy."

Speaking to Mika about this feature and why the option to remove was never included, he said "The feature was already like this when I joined the Elite Guard, so I am not aware of the reasoning during the feature's development. But adding buttons to be able to remove funds that were added to a transaction seems like a useful feature to me." So who knows, maybe we may see this feature of the Escrow making an appearance.