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Bumpy backfire? Shifting_Sands

Ever since the fixes to the backfire feature were announced, players have been decidedly more cautious when shooting. The importance of the gun, protection, rank and bullets a player has on hand suddenly skyrocketed for aggressors and peacemakers across the board.

The December 22 wipe of Dutch Inc., which claimed the lives of 44 family members, raised many questions on both sides of the dispute regarding backfire.

One of the first mass shootings since the feature was updated (the only of note involving Legendary and State Dons), the December 22 attack miraculously resulted in zero deaths from backfire. Despite the fact that more than a few Dutch Inc. members were armed with hundreds of thousands if not millions of bullets, not a single aggressor from 23rd Gunslinger Co. (renamed "The Pen15 Club" post-shooting) got killed in backfire.

After getting down to my gumshoe work, I gleaned that one particular Legendary Don shooter fired 36,000 bullets at two fellow Legendary Don members of the Dutch Inc. upper-council, each of whom had far greater than 36,000 bullets on hand, V16 Armored Limousines, and fully trained M1919 Browning .30 Calibers.

The shooter claimed that both victims backfired; however, in the first instance, his health was only reduced to 45 percent whereas it was reduced by 57 percent in the second case.

Upon inquiring about the mystery with Caboose, he insisted upon the importance of all of the elements in the occasion.

I quickly fired down a list of the relevant factors to my knowledge: (1) ranks, (2) guns, (3) protection, (4) health, (5) protection percentage, (6) number of bullets victim has on hand, (7) number of bullets fired by shooter.

"But you have forgotten an important element," Caboose noted, "%chance of occurring."

According to Caboose, there is only a 50 percent base chance that any backfire will occur period. Regardless of whether the victim has 100 bullets or 1,000,000 bullets on hand, he will only return fire approximately half of the time with the same amount of bullets or fewer (*only if he has less bullets on hand than were shot at him, in theory).

Caboose also noted that the percent base chance of backfire occurring increases by 10 percentage points for each kill in a rolling 24 hour window.

Despite players' concern regarding the overall dependability of the backfire feature, Caboose looked into the kills and vows that all is working as it is supposed to currently.

"I do appreciate the heads up; I really enjoy looking into backfire and seeing that it's working properly," Caboose smiled.