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New Year New Columns Anonymity

N E W • Y E A R
N E W • C O L U M N S

What would you do if...
Last round there were a couple of issues where we asked the players to tell us what would you do if you ran the game for 24 hours, and we had some really good responses and some really funny ones. If you want to be featured in one, go to the Submit Application page and tell us.

Advice From The Buzz
Nearly every paper has a section, where you can write in with a problem or you need advice, whether it be game related or real life related. Can be left anonymous if it's real life related. Can be as funny as you want to make it, or as serious, and we will get back to you within the article.

Ask The Editor
Got a question you want to ask our very own Inks or myself as editor and co-editor of The Buzz? This article is just the place.

Your Question Time
Got a question you want to ask a player, a crew, or even the Elite Guard but don't get the answers? Let us get them for you.

If you want to take part in any of the above new columns, please contact The Buzz team.