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Gunslinger Turn the Gun on Dutch Inc Times5

On Monday the 22nd of December, a battle was waged from one “Alliance” crew to another. In a shock to many, council members of 23rd Gunslinger had decided to shoot one of their allies – the chosen crew being Dutch Inc. Controversially, only a handful of Gunslingers were involved in the shootings: 8 members, leaving other members, including the crew boss Yaz, clueless as to what exactly was going on. The Buzz caught up with Nordy3, one of the ringleaders of the plan, to shed some light on exactly why Gunslingers decided to leave their alliance and shoot one of their own.

First, Nordy describes a bit about the Gunslinger origins, and how they went from being neutral to members of the alliance:

In the beginning the bosses were Yaz and Coastie. They told everyone joining the crew was neutral and not affiliated with the alliance TS was having. Well about a month after I joined bright and fixer were shot and killed by TS. Yaz hard kicked them because they were apparently working with ETS. At that point it became obvious that we were completely working with the alliance. But, we opened the boot camp crew "Gunslinger Bootcamp" and continued recruiting people telling them that we were neutral. Well you can see how that became a problem. We had a lot of people who wanted to be neutral and thought they were, but the boss had different plans. As we moved on I made some good friends and they disagreed with how Yaz was running the crew. He never communicated with anyone and just logged in to take the crew money. I somewhere in there became high council

Secondly, Nordy describes a little about why they chose to shoot Dutch Inc:

We had one of our members shot by DI, Kittyn. Dalton shot her then tried to tell us she was working with ETS but provided no proof. He and I got into a feud on skype over it. Also around this time I found out quite a bit about how TS (The Syndicate) had been cheating in this game and it really pissed me off. I was actually about to quit on the spot because I figured it was not possible to really keep up with someone playing like they were. So we started planning it out. And it took a long time really. We were comfortable with where we were in the game. We were ranking quickly and making ALOT of money. We owned 40%+ of casinos as a crew. Our crew intake was well over 1 billion just from casino taxes. But we knew we were going to die from these ornaments. I have friends in ETS who had already told me that they had Yaz on a list to be shot during the ornaments. So we decided we should act before hand and before we died with our high ranks and bullets.

Nordy also delves into details about the shootings:

8 shooters and 1.3mil bullets were used. We left a few members alive who were just ex haze blazers or GMC members who DI had incorporated. Everything went very well. We had one complication with backfire but we had double searched all the council targets. One shooter almost died from backfire when he killed Cable. So I had to finish off his last two targets for him. Before shooting we soft kicked Yaz and Aldo. Aldo has been hiding in 23rd practically all round UG. 23rd (Yaz specifically) is not respected by anyone in the alliance and technically 23rd was never even in the alliance. Just safe listed.

The one regret that Nordy has?

Only thing I regret is that I could not inform our members and my friends that we were going to shoot. We knew they would die from our actions but honestly it was worth it. They were a part of a big lie the entire time and deserved to be treated better.

So there you have it! Shortly after the kills took place, the Gunslinger name was changed to Pen15 club, and some members were soft kicked. Shortly after this, revenge was taken: Pen15 club was swiftly wiped from the stats by the alliance.

Later, Yaz, the boss of 23rd Gunslinger, posted a topic on the game forum, stating that 23rd Gunslinger had been retired from this round.

Writers note – In the interest of full disclosure, the writer of this article would like to let you know that they were in the Gunslinger crew at the time the shootings took place. Every effort has been made to keep this article as neutral as possible, and Dutch Inc and the alliance can respond to any claims made by Nordy if they would like to. Normally the buzz would assign a different editor to cover such an article, but due to the busy Christmas period, not many were available.