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An Apology to the Elite Guard / Buzz Team Anonymity

Public Apology

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to make a public apology to the Elite Guard and my Buzz Team.

As most of you may have been aware, I was banned for having access to multiple accounts.
The ban was lifted as I had admitted to this. As it gave me no benefit / upper-hand, and as I admitted to the mistake I had made, the ban was lifted.

Admitting to having this access, whether or not the accounts we being used they were still there, which then meant I had multiple accounts, is an instant ban.

What I did was wrong, and a big mistake. As a member of Buzz staff, I should lead by example.

Rules / ToS:

  • As per the Terms of Service, you are allowed to use only one e-mail address for your Bootleggers membership. As such, you are not allowed to switch email addresses for the purpose of resetting your sign-up date. It is possible for you to reset your sign-up date on your account after death.
  • Players using multiple email addresses for their Bootleggers membership risk a permanent ban on both accounts, regardless of whether the accounts are alive or dead.

  • Because I was honest with the Elite Guard they decided to offer this to me. I will be on my best behavior and not make any mistakes like this in the future. I like working on The Buzz and appreciate this opportunity.