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Welcome Back Enemy of the State Anonymity

The Buzz caught up with Astra, boss of Enemy of the State, to find out how they managed to get their place on the stats page.

The Buzz: Hi Astra. Congratulations for getting Enemy of the State back on the stats. If you don't mind us asking, who did you have to take off the stats to get there?
Astra: We took out vVv for the spot.

The Buzz: How many shooters were involved in the wipe of vVv?
Astra: We sent out waves. first wave was 3 people, second wave was 2 people, third wave was 4 people. We fired shots at Event Horizon, vVv, Dutch inc, and then again at Event Horizon and Dutch Inc.

The Buzz: So the mass crew wipes would all be the result of an attack from Enemy of the State? Were you working with another crew to claim these kills, or solely the work of Enemy of the State?
Astra: We worked and planned on our own. We did towards the end start talking with a few other people. It seems we had shot a few friendly accounts so just touched bases with them on who our targets were to be. I do have to thank Spencer and Ice for helping me plan. Without them nothing would have happened at all.

The Buzz: So do you think your stay on the stats will last long?
Astra: I do not have any clue. I know my guys are now more determined then ever. There are talks of remaining underground, simply because we are all so used to it. lol It feels weird to do a crime and go to jail.

The Buzz: Were ornaments used to your advantage before the attack, such as boosting the players to Don before the attacks took place, or were you ready to attack before the ornaments were available?
Astra: We were ready before the ornaments. Ornaments did help for sure. If nothing else it brought a few players who had quit back. I love seeing people come back. (even if they turn and leave again LOL)

The Buzz: So you had players only return to the game to collect ornaments and help put you back on the stats?
Astra: No that is not even close to what i had said. try again.

The Buzz: Ah right, got you. Players who had quit before, came back as there was an incentive to come back, and whilst back, they helped you with the shooting. Is there anything you want to say to those out there who may want to get revenge and take you back off the stats?
Astra: No still. You are trying to put words into my mouth that are not true. I said that from the ornament shootings, we have had some players return. They did not ornament hunt, they are just back for the holiday to check in. Some will stay on and keep playing, some have already left. Is that clear for you now? The only thing i have to say to those out there who may want to get revenge and take us back off the stats is "Weeeeeeeeeee"

The Buzz: Much clearer. Sorry for the confusion.
Anyway, welcome back to the stats.