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The Effects of Vacation Mode Times5

The Vacation feature. It’s one of the features of the game that hasn’t changed in all these years. Put your account into vacation mode, once every 90 days, for a maximum of 30 days at a time, and you cannot play the game or be killed for that amount of time. Seems pretty simple. The mode has been around since everyone can remember, but this week its existence was challenged by players, asking for vacation mode to be scrapped. Originally, players wanted it scrapped just for State don and Nation Don accounts only, seeing as those spots are a fundamental part of the game. However, the topic then towards scrapping vacation mode altogether! Scrapping vacation mode altogether had one high profile supporter: Moderator VooDooDoll. Let us look back at exactly why the call for vacation mode to be scrapped was made.

Countless deaths were made over the Christmas period. Crews died. Crewless accounts died. Accounts died via backfire. Peoples accounts died more than once. Accounts died! People wanted to keep their accounts alive decided to put their account into vacation mode, thus trying to save their accounts. However, those accounts doing this, were in breach of one pretty big rule, taken from “rules” section on the Terms of Service page.

Using the Vacation feature in order to prevent your account from being killed is not permitted and is considered a bannable offence.

A few accounts were banned for what we can only assume was trying to avoid death, including a couple of State Dons (one of which was later unbanned.) Bans are a fickle thing: how could it be proved that accounts were trying to avoid death and their owners not actually be on vacation? It’s a fine line. Which lead to Vacation modes existence being questioned.

Player Jackarmyii was the original poster of a topic in the game forum that questioned vacation mode, and asked users: “Simple vote, after they next return, should S.don+ accounts be allowed to vacate?” Yes they should be (Thumbs up) or No they shouldn’t be (Thumbs down). The overwhelming response (71%) was that, No, State Don accounts should not be allowed to go on vacation mode at all.

Eventually the topic turned to vacation mode for all accounts. Moderator VooDooDoll weighed in on the debate, stating:

I wouldn't mind if they removed the vacation feature completely.
VooDooDoll said

So there you have it! Next issue, we will try to get information on if there is any plans to change the rules surrounding Vacation mode for State Dons, or if Vacation mode itself might be in danger of extinction. For now, you can sound off in the game forum topic, or below… What do you think? Vacation mode, should it stay, or should it go?