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The Banning (and un-banning) of a Buzz Editor Times5

One of our articles last week caused quite a stir in the game. It was revealed that our buzz editor, Anonymity, had been banned for having access to multiple accounts. An article was made, “A Public Apology”, explaining the details of the ban. This article can be seen in our last edition. The article became one of the most read buzz articles this reset, as well as one of the most commented.

The contents of the article caused quite an uproar throughout the game, as Anonymity was unbanned due to admitting to his actions. As seen by comments on the article itself, and in the game forum, people suspected that this may be a case of the Elite Guard giving preferential treatment to a Buzz Editor due to his position in the game. As everyone in the game would know by now bans are not allowed to be discussed, for risk of further punishment to all involved. So we cannot exactly set the record straight on the details of the ban (Blame the rules there!)

I caught up with our Buzz Editor, Anonymity, to discuss a few things: the reaction to his public apology, and if he thinks other banned people should get the same treatment as himself for breaking the rules:

Times5: The public apology article has created quite a stir in the game. Many players see it as rubbing it in their faces that you got unbanned. Any regrets about making the public apology? Possibly doing it a different way?

Anonymity: Yes, in some ways I regret doing it, but I had no choice. An apology was due as the Elite Guard looked bad, as if they had banned someone for no reason. This wasn't the case. I had to make the apology. Publishing it in The Buzz was my idea though. As Editor, I thought it would be better being in The Buzz.

Times5: A lot of players are screaming “unfair”, as they perceive a buzz editor getting banned and then unbanned for breaking the rules, to be unfair, as they don't think normal players would get the same treatment. Do you think if people admit they were wrong, they would also get the same treatment as yourself?

Anonymity: I agree, a player being banned and then unbanned is unfair, without good reason. I'm not disputing that. I did say that I don't mind if my ban remains in place. I feel that if people are honest about what they did, the Elite Guard will look upon it differently. Let’s say you have multiple accounts, all scum, little to no activity, and they have been that way for a while, you have no upper hand on anyone else within the game. If you are honest about it, it works in your favor. If you try and get out of it by lying, that also doesn't work in your favor. I'd much prefer to be stripped of my rank, my cash, my gun and protection and just write. The Elite Guard wanted the community to know that the ban was required, and was justified, as players were informed that the ban had been put in place for nothing, and if the ban was lifted without an explanation, then the Elite Guard would be seen in the wrong, when this wasn't the case.

Times5: Is there anything you want to say to people thinking about breaking the rules out there?

Anonymity: Yeah. Don't do it. Really isn't worth it in the long run. If you do however break the rules, be honest about it, don't lie and call the Elite Guard every name under the sun.

Times5: Are you happy now that you have set a precedent: Admit to your mistake, and the Elite Guard might go easy on you?

Anonymity: Yes, and no. I feel better now that the Elite Guard are not getting as much crap for 'wrongfully banning someone' when that wasn't the case. The Elite Guard will go easier on you if you admit to your mistakes and don't try and lie your way out of it. I'm not saying that you will be unbanned, as every banning is different, different circumstances take place. On the other hand, writing a public apology could have gone differently, and been handled slightly differently, however, I was in the wrong, I got caught, the Elite Guard were seen as the ones in the wrong when it was myself, I admitted to them I screwed up. I do feel that by making this apology, it has caused more of a headache for the Elite Guard than needs to have been.

The reaction to the ban has caused an uproar all over bootleggers. The game forum topic had close to 300 replies, mostly discussing the fact that a public apology was made, and if a “normal player” would get the same treatment as the Buzz Editor. It’s virtually impossible to go through all these replies, but one stood out, from a man in green, Caboose. He discussed why the Elite Guard decided to un-ban Anonymity:

It's extremely simple. We had a situation where a player made a mistake and got caught. He owned up to it, apologized for it, and no one was harmed by his actions, and he was allowed to keep his account. It is my hope that this will set an example in the future and people will be less inclined to lie and cuss us out when they get caught. I don't think it will happen, but hopefully someone proves me wrong. And just like everything else I do that most of you don't agree with, it's within the boundaries of our authority as moderators.
Caboose said

So there you have it! Should it go on record, right here and now, that being remorseful for your mistakes, may get you a lenient penalty, as was the case with our Buzz Editor? Sound off below!