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From The Desk Of brightstar Astra

The day was January 4th. It was a Sunday and the chat was filled with laughter. We were all enjoying a solid New Year. We had spent a few hours catching up with a some members who were on Christmas break and had decided to check in with us. We talked about one of our dear members going inactive over well.. boobs. We checked and it was a nice day out and thought the P.I.’s could use the fresh air and set structure searches for vVv and a few others. All was well, all was quiet. It was a good day. We knew in the coming days we would have much to sort but knew it was no rush as we had just started the first step.

Suddenly, there was a loud BOOM, and everyone in the chat got quiet. (The “boom” seemed to be the sound that is made when a crew drops..) We watch in amazement at the wonder that is before us! Could it be? Could someone out there be hitting who we wanted to hit?! WOW. What luck we had. Seeing Shrooms and Keatsy drop vVv, we sprung into action. There was a brief debate over our name and in the end. Even if I am leading the crew, we are who we are. No fancy new name would change that. I am not stow, nor could ever be. I am just me and with the powers of greyskull, the crew has my back. We all talked and in the end. The time was now.
We knew from the start we would be racing a clock. We just didn’t know how MANY clocks. Quickly Ice, spencer, fixxer and I started more structures. We kept them going for 48 hours solid! It took that long to plan everything. Ice did an amazing job with the details of it all. Spencer, fix and I just pasted in bullet counts. We made a spreadsheet in google docs and updated it almost constant. The day was almost here. Oh where, oh where are my shooters? Everything hinged on all 4 of them being able to be online at the same time. Oh my. The skype battle began. Once I was 57.14% sure they could all make it we got underway!
First we had to set target searches. I had the first two, Nick and Tink get theres going in the very late hours of Monday the 5th. By the time I woke up on the 6th I still had not heard from my other two shooters. I begin to freak out. I go out to smoke my morning bowl and compose. When I sit back down I see my skype blinking like crazy. My shooters are online! WEEEEEEEEE. It was a struggle to gather all the funds and get the searches started without drawing attention to the two members who were crewed, as lieutenants. One member had many to find so out of the sky like the hero he is, dropped Pan. (from the family) He was a huge part in funding the shooting. Without him and another named Puss, we wouldn’t have had the means to pull off the searches, let alone the shooting. For that I am very thankful. It only took Spencer 14 texts, 3 phone calls, 3 bootmails, and 4 Skype msgs. for whos time I am also thankful for)

With searches started, we all put our chairs in a circle and stared at each other while we waited. It was quite thrilling. Once the first search came in (of course it was Dtox, my little attention whorefriend ) the excitement started. One of our shooters had quite the list, and was a first time shooter this round. I was well aware of his skills from last round so just wanted to make sure he understood the new features. Ice took over and step by step made sure everyone was very clear on the way it was going to happen. We shared out spread sheet, here is an edited example of how Ice made sure it went correctly.

Once we had started, it really went well. It was so nice to see the “old gang” back together again. I was not around for start of round 7, but these four were some of my closest friends at the end of last round, and it just seemed fitting to have held them till last. I appreciate everything they did for us through the round to end in this result. One by one the players fell. While Ice would call out the next one to shoot, I would update the spreadsheet to reflect that member dead. We went on like this until it was time to shoot the next layer. It held some big kills so we all were a little uneasy. It was all up to Nick, Tink, and Cross as we lost Spinning Barrel to backfire. RIP GOOD FRIEND.


Then it happened. The N. Don was down. We all said a quick “good job mate” and kept going knowing we were still racing all those timers. Next was the factory. We had been watching to make sure Tyn and Nosferatu Hadn’t signed back in since the start of the shooting. No one was paying attention to betty, but oh well. The two were dropped and the factories were ours. Great job to the crew for quick pick ups indeed! Now we just needed to finish a few off and we were golden. SHIT SHIT SHIT. The shooter with the search for the S. Don died in backfire, slightly before planned. SHIT. It was a real scramble trying to figure out a way to still shoot the S. Don while the rest finished up their lists. It was time. My daughter, Tara leaned over and said “Mom, Can I try” (keep in mind this kid has been RAISED on bootleggers. It has always been on a screen everyday of her life) I almost cried and told her to go ahead and try. Set a search, and so she did… and we waited.

It was 14 minutes or so past our 3 hours of “locking their structure” and about 7 minutes after our last structure search expired. We had no clue if trying to shoot him would be worth it or not. We talked it over and said FUCK IT LETS GO. So she traveled to Illinois and already had a car. She converted her gold and shot. BOOM WENT THE DYNAMITE! She dropped him and the crew! I recorded the whole thing as the total nerd mom I am. I was so proud!

In the end we knew we did a solid show. We knew we did good work. We learned a few things in the process and can only remember those lessons as we move forward. No one person did this. No one person is legendary. ETS rocked this day in the books. Owned it if you will. What the future may hold, who knows.. but for now we are just a bunch of friends, playing an online game, sitting in our various computer chairs, saying “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Thank you to the crew. I love you guys, damn you make a girl look good! xoxoxo