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Shooting with Shrooms Twinkly

It is not often a journalist meets a person that shot at her once, (and by “her” I mean “old crew”) but it reads well. Maybe.
But this week, I had the chance to discuss the wipe of the crew "Veni, vidi, vici" (known as VVV) by Shrooms and Keatsy and how they won't be conquering anything for a while yet.

Shrooms is fast to respond once I make contact and I realise this online presence is probably due to the fact he is on borrowed time - I can reinforce this as he was shot before I could even say thank you for his answers.

An effervescent presence, Shrooms delighted me by discussing in detail his reasons why it was done:

“Well this might sound weird - but basically because it was an easy wipe. Everybody knows that Death Valley and The Vanguard have been on The Alliance’s bad side since they backstabbed us at the beginning this round. We have been shot several times without taking any action, hoping they would back down after a while. After being wiped twice, we began to save up money and make some plans. “
Shrooms said

When asked how many were involved and what the plan(s) before the wipe occurred, he was matter of fact and explained he had two shooters – himself and Keatsy
“so we couldn’t wipe DI as they have too many members, and the backfire would have raped us. So we chose to take VVV, one of the other alliance crews. It had a family spot and a few ornament dons so it was a nice statement for us to make, and do-able with two.”
Shrooms said

A nice statement? A bold one too.

Shrooms goes for the easiest spot in the alliance...

We just wanted to take out either DI or VVV when I came back from vacation in Australia, as I knew I would be shot soon after because I was lgf. As we only had two shooters DI was an impossibility so we chose VVV. It ended up being a good decision, as I have now been informed I was on search to be shot hours after the shooting.
Shrooms said

Hence the retaliation a mere day after its occurrence. Swift action indeed. I continued and asked if this the ornament challenge had worked in his favour and Shrooms explained it wasn’t the case
“Most of my bullets were bought from factories and we used a bit of gold in the shooting.”
Shrooms said
and when pondering what other crews were involved and if they were underground, he added:
“The wipe was planned, funded, organized and executed by three crews, The Vanguard, Death Valley and Bullet Wounds. So no, not only UG crews…”
Shrooms said

I relax into the conversation, beginning to enjoy myself and reflect on my own experiences of shooting. “How do you gear yourself up for a crew wipe? Soft lighting, loud music, that sort of thing?” I queried. His response made me laugh a lot, answering:
“I turned the lights down low, put on a bit of Barry White and had a huge dump just beforehand, so I personally achieved two big wipes in once night. Keatsy informed me that he had just found his favourite long lost S-Club7 cassette tape which he put on while smoking a reefer.”
Shrooms said

Oh dear Keatsy, you’ve been rumbled!

I decided to get Shroom’s wider view of the game and opinion of the round so far. He said he has hated this round.
“I believe that major game changing updates to kills etc have been implemented at the incorrect times which have ended up helping and favouring certain crews (I won’t mention any names). This is not me being butthurtz, it is a fact. However, I believe the updates are actually a good idea as I believe killing and wiping crews should be harder than what they used to be. I think these updates should have either A) Been sorted before the round was began or B) Implemented in the start of the next round to keep things fair to all users/crews.
However, I do acknowledge that the EG have tried to implement some changes to help others such as the hidden user online page, so I must say well done for that (however, I hope this will not remain at the start of the next round).”
Shrooms said

When asked if he thinks he will be remembered for his audacious activities these past few kills, the veteran player was thoughtful, replying he did not think his name will live long in the memory of this round.
“Out of 22 account names I have only managed to wipe two crews which is quite poor in my opinion, but I did start the round late. Shootings are not done for my personal recognition; I do it to keep the name of Death Valley alive.
Shrooms said

And he certainly achieved that, there being no doubt there is a line in the sand.

On behalf of the Buzz I thank Shrooms for his answers to my question, and travelled over to the alliance camp to ask a spokesperson of [v]VVV[/v] what they thought of the shooting.
The response?

As always, open and enthusiastic about talking to a person outside of the crew.