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JE SUIS CHARLIE - Breakdown BernieMax

I'm sure everyone heard about this tragic event where many people lost their lives, due to an attack on the media building. France is in shock and so are neighbouring countries and people who believe in "free speech".
Condolences go to respected families
Here is a little rundown:

  • The home of satirical cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked after being in the news as they gained worldwide notoriety by releasing offensive pictures of prophet Mohammed, resulting in angry reactions from in the Muslim world, particularly extremists.

  • Later this week attack happened, killing an editor and other employees. According to media reports, the attackers were dealt with by security forces.

  • Millions of people in France gathered in Paris in show of support to "Freedom" and "Free Speech". They are showing respect, by wearing signs and posters "JE SUIS CHARLIE" meaning "I'm Charlie".

    They are not addressing the issue at hand. They are being misled, by media.

    Large masses are falling for the free speech propaganda.

    I believe this is FAR away from free speech. So to elaborate more on this subject I will, help you to paint a clear picture.

    - Hate speech is, outside the law, "speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation."

    As I mentioned at the start, this article released offensive pictures of prophet Mohammed. Clearly this was a religious slander and fits in hate speech category. So Charlie Hebdo was doing just that!

    But why then is this forgotten, Freedom Of Speech does not equal Hate Speech. Never will.

    I will never support such actions of this attack, nobody deserves this.

    Thank again, who and what are you following.

    - BernieMax

    Editor's P.S: Bernie's views do not represent the whole view of the Buzz, but this paper does deserve to voice the mixed opinions of our reading audience, and your comments would be appreciated.