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Competition Entries! Nontroversy

Thank you to the enormously funny M91Z and the work of Shrooms and TopBadgeXD- whose memes we will be using for a few weeks to come.

Here are a few I couldn't help but add to this issue...

Courtesy of M91Z

Courtesy of TopBadgeXD

Courtesy of Sc4rcio

I wish to keep this offer open to all individuals of Bootleggers - please send us your memes, cartoons and hilarious BM's or forum posts you think deserves a mention.

And for this week's competition...
I wrote an article discussing a conversation with Scarcio. To win $10,000 I ask...

  • Q: What 3 languages did I use when discussion the word Honeycomb?

    Answers by competition entry, name will be picked at random and announced next week.