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Statements with Scarcio! Nontroversy

Wipe! WIPE!!!
I hastily grab my pen and paper only to find the following: Food Stamps Applicant on my log in page.

"I'm sure I had a mill...Ohhh. Oh dear. That was a wipe of The Prophecy then."

It's-a-me, Scarcio!

As a Buzz writer and now editor, we are not allowed to investigate our own affiliated crew wipes, but as my other non TP reporters were busy elsewhere, I asked for a statement from the organiser, Scarcio on what occured and why.

I found him to be an approachable young man, eager to discuss his dealings in this Friday's shootings.

[Quote=Scarcio] "On Friday 16th of January we shot The Prophecy. On day later, on Saturday the 17th, we shot Event Horizon. We are proud of how the shootings worked out, backfire wasn't a bitch for us this time; some shooters even survived the whole shooting (and were shot after, obviously!)

We shot TP and EH because we had no choice, in our opinion. The real enemy is Dutch Inc, but shooting them first would be stupid, as TP and EH had the highest ranks to take us down after. It sucks that there were a lot of friends in these crews, but I think they understand.

The shootings were completely planned by me, with some help from other crews on bullet counts, etc.[/quote]
I asked who funded this, as it was a mighty operation to fufil over 2 days. Scarcio was matter-of-fact in his reply:

"The shooting of TP was funded and executed by several crews, including The Vanguard, Death Valley,Most Wanted, Enemy of the State and Pen15. The shooting of EH was funded by The Vanguard and executed by TDVA (Both TV and DV shooters.)"
Scarcio said

Scario has a long history with Bootleggers:
[Quote=Scarcio]I started in 2006, so around 8-9 years now. (I am 21 now for people wondering) [/quote]

Well...I did say he was a young man. He then went on to explain his role in the latest wipe, and to answer my favourite question as I am into music:

[Quote=Scarcio]Well I did not shoot myself; I did just lead the shootings. But the song I put on replay when doing that is; Thunderstruck - AC/DC[/quote]
Somewhat calmed by his statement, I went on to ask him a few questions before leaving him. I began by asking his favourite moment of the round so far.

[Quote=Scarcio] "It was nice when we had the first family spot, s.dons and n.dons in the old DV spot start of the round. I didn't really edit much to that though so for myself the last 2 days were really fun![/quote]
So why Scarcio As a name?

[Quote=Scarcio] I kind of stole it from a friend of mine, back when I was 16. He was playing this other game with the name Scarto and I liked that name so made Scarcio haha![/quote]

"Does it mean menacing?" I asked, with a frown on my face.

[Quote=Scarcio] I just translated, scarto means waste and scarcio means giving discharge, whatever that is...[/quote]

Ew. My final question, as time was running out, I asked our intrepid shooter to sum himself up in one word. This threw him, and his answer threw me:
"The 1 word is: Honeycomb"
Scarcio said

Yes, you read right. Honeycomb. Honingraat. Hunajakenno

It was like Scarcio could see my raised eyebrow, and quickly added:
[Quote=Scarcio]"I'm learning for my exams (Pilot training) and I just did a few questions about honeycomb that's why...I have exams in General Navigation, Radio Navigation and Instrumentation and Communication."[/quote]

Well, I hope he does well in his forthcoming examinations, although it clearly is easy if you can plan these shootings AND study (I kid, I kid...)

As for future plans, all I can say is "watch this space, and hold on Dutch Inc. I think it's going to be a rough ride for the Alliance...