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EH Wipe Nontroversy

You may be sick of statements but in order to get this in I had to be brief. Apologies.

From a source once called Shrooms:

"EH were shot by hodor, guidoanchovy, whatimissedthemost and actionraj - members of The Vanguard and Death Valley.

They were shot to get rid of the last State Don that remained alive. The boss backfired me like a bitch, I had 94/100..."
Shrooms said

I asked for a picture to sum up the experience and he obliged by sending me this pic and adding the following caption:

"This is Duece as soon as the first Event Horizon members were killed. Unfortunately Dutch Inc. didn't let him inside in time"

Owch. That's mean, but a useful statement to have, and I thank Shrooms for making it, making us enraged or enlightened or ambivalent depending on our affiliations.