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A Fresh Scam Causes Friction FlameS

Early on Saturday morning we rose to find seven high profile kills in terms of rank. Seven Godfathers killed, immediately the forums awoke, we saw some players that had been shot confused as to why they had been targeted and initially who had shot them.

Seven crewless Godfathers being shot is usually unlikely to get into the Buzz, however a topic in game forum really caught my eye. Fresh (Currently Freshxx) created a topic suggesting Friction had scammed him, and had also been the one to make the kills. I made contact with Fresh and Friction to compare their stories; which I thought would be completely different, I was wrong, both of their stories told a very similar story; Friction did not seem interested to hide his actions at all.

Fresh summaries the story for me as below;

Fresh, who has been previously killed by Friction was searching for a shooter who would take out Dutch Inc for him, he was looking for what he described as an “easy target”, as they have both a crew spot and a Bullet Factory. He had also paid another player to kill the ex-Buzz writer Cesc as he claims Cesc threatened him.

Fresh and Friction eventually agreed a price for wiping out Dutch Inc and Fresh initially sent over 1,000 Gold to pay for the searches, Friction sent screenshots of the searches and Fresh trusting Frictions word sent several thousand more gold.

At this point we take up the story from Frictions point of view;

“I was paid by somebody to kill those 7 Godfathers. Coincidentally Fresh hired me at the same time to wipe Dutch Inc for him. I never liked him anyway, and I shot him and his crew mates several times, so I took advantage of the situation. He just handed me 5k gold, he was pretty much asking to be scammed. When I found my real targets, I killed them. I blocked him because I knew he would be sending threats and talking shit instead of just manning up and shooting me.”

Well the story up to now had been fairly clear cut, a simple scam that relies on the trust of someone you barely know carrying out an action relying solely on their word, traditionally this has never ended well on Bootleggers. The part of the story that has now grabbed my attention however is that Friction was also hired by an unknown party to kill those seven fairly normal looking accounts, the big question now was who hired Friction and why? At this point the amicable questioning with Friction became much more reserved, I tried to get any small detail out of him as to the identity of the party that funded the kills, but it was not happening. Throughout the chat in the forums and the interview he was quick to distance himself from The Vanguard; the crew he has been inside for some time. I asked him whether some sort of alliance was hiring him to kill accounts that were suspicious in some way inasmuch that they appeared to be underground shooters or bankers, but he replied saying “I was paid by someone who did not say who he was to kill those accounts”.

Back with Fresh and I was also starting to face some resistance, when asking him which crew he represents he stated that he is; “unable to answer that question”. From what I have discovered after investigating this seemingly straightforward scam, we have an underground crew paying shooters to wipe a “stat crew” and suspicious looking crew-less accounts being shot by a player in a stat crew, and potentially being hired to do so by some other interested party.

Round eight is really setting up to be an exciting one, and once the crew updates finally establish a bigger safety net for the crews members perhaps the war of “underground” versus “stat” crews can finally be played out on a level playing field, I for one will definitely be settling down with the popcorn for this round.