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Is it pointless to bank anymore? Coastie

Is it pointless to bank in bootleggers? When confronted with this question, there are several things that have to be considered. To start with, you must define what is meant by 'is it pointless'. As any sort of free money being earned by doing nothing more than allowing it to sit in the federal bank is not pointless, regardless of the amount. In this context, however, it refers to using the federal bank to accrue compounded interest daily, as opposed to other means of incurring wealth. This very question was purposed to the public of bootleggers via the game forum earlier this week, with a poll to boot. Upon reading the replies in the discussion that sparked in the thread, I decided I would approach a couple of people to inquire more in depth of their opinion on the subject.

The first person I contacted was SevenVirtues. He suggested that banking is the key to success in the game. Also included that if you don't use the federal bank, the money on hand is simply going to waste. I asked him about the wealth status's being shown now, when money in the federal bank was hidden last round. He replied with "wealth status couldn't be hidden originally and people still banked". Upon reading this, I reminded him that the wealth status' was not always structured the way that it is currently. He stuck by his statement. In the interview he also mentioned that "due to the wealth stats being shown, you will also see a lot more people using the swiss bank." I inquired as to why, and he said "gold isn't unlimited and the price will plateau in stages." After this comment, I suggested just using the federal bank then as you lose 30% of your money when you withdraw from a swiss account. He then pointed out that money in the swiss is safe from death, and can be stashed much faster then purchasing gold.

SevenVirtues created a very good case for using the federal bank, but also suggested that the swiss bank could be utilized more because of the wealth status' being shown now, which I didn't see many people suggest at all. After my interview with Virtues, I contacted Cecil to provide an abstract point of view on the topic.

Cecil suggests that banking is pointless, as no one with any amount worth banking would risk having the money on hand seeing as the wealth status' is shown now. He explained that, it "would be nice to bank with more certainty." When I asked him how he would go about creating that certainty, he suggested just hiding the money shown in the federal bank again like it was previously. When I asked him why he believed that this was changed he said, "well I believe it has changed, for the interest of BSF2000. The easier people get shot with a huge amount the faster people will buy gold with real cash." With such a drastic accusation being made, I approached Mika to speak on the behalf of the Elite Guard to reply to these accusations, that was made by more than just Cecil. When I did, he said, "they are incorrect in their assumption. The suggestion for this change was made during an Elite Guard meeting by Aldarion so that hiding wealth was no longer an option the way it was in the previous round. The suggestion was supported by Sky and opposed by me. Seeing it was two against one, we decide to make the change. BSF himself was present at the meeting and was not necessarily against it." I then asked Cecil if maybe this was changed due to very large amounts of money being banked daily by unknown alias's? His reply indicated that if those people "managed to bank loads of money, then they played it smart."

Cecil illustrated frustration with the federal bank money being shown in the wealth status now, which was becoming a popular theme amongst those who believe banking is pointless now. Still, I wanted hard data to back the stance of banking being pointless. That's when Troglodyte was asked about the subject, he used empirical data to back up his stance from last round. Stating that "at this time last round point price was no more than $2,500. I think this is the best indication as to the behavior of players. More people are investing in gold rather than relying on compound bank interest to increase their wealth like before. It seems to be working, as the supply of points is struggling to meet demand, hence the high price and good investment." I believed this to be a very valuable point, as it bleeds both sides of the argument into one. From this perspective, you can see that the current economy of bootlegger,s at any given time, can dictate how useful different forms of investing is.

There was quite a bit of banter, and ridiculousness that spawned from this subject, as you can imagine. From accusations of BSF2000's supposed greed, conjuring alterations of the game to benefit himself. To a suggestion someone made to change the federal bank timer to 12 hours, and make it like 12-15% interest..

There was one interesting point made someone in the game forum made, that caught my eye. They said that the activity requirement for full interest to be earned in the federal bank is too low. I didn't think much more on this until I recieved a bootmail from someone, who wished to remain nameless. Whom echoed this point and expanded further to say that "a combination of federal bank money not being hidden, and the activity requirement being too low, would promote duping." I thought that had some potential to become an issue. Rather than speculating on the subject in secrecy, I decided to contact Mika to speak on the behalf of the Elite Guard on the possibly of the ramifications these two changes could have on the game. He said "when we decided to impose the limit we realized that it might require tweaking. We have not reviewed it yet, but when we do and we agree with those players then the limit will be altered. I am not that concerned about duping, to be honest." When asked why he wasn't concerned about duping he replied with "because I am confident in our ability to track down dupes." This made me very happy to hear that the staff wasn't so rigid. They are more than willing to alter what is needed for the game to be more effective, and are already planning to do so if it becomes an issue.

The general opinions of the public varied quite a bit. There was some consistency in the replies given in the forum topic, implying a consensus that using the federal bank to accumulate wealth is not pointless. Confirmed by the poll which reflected 58% in favor of banking not being pointless, and 42% in disagreement saying that banking is pointless. From all the research done, my personal opinion is shared by quite a few others, in that, while the price for gold is rising rapidly it's smart to jump on the train. Once the price for gold plateaus, is when it's time to start banking.