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The Etiquette of the OC JestObserving

So, I’m sitting here reading my newspaper, and I see an advert for vehicles:
“Duesenberg - $100,000.
Beauford - $10,000”.
I blink and scratch my head, “That’s a bit unfair on those who are stuck with driving, if the leader demands a Duesy,” I think aloud, “Time for some number crunching and detective work!”
With that, the newspaper is discarded and I’m through the door, my trusty pencil and pad in hand.

Now, my first stop was every auto dealer in all 9 states, to compare their prices; these were my discoveries:

Pennsylvania - $140,000 & $4,450
Nevada - $210,000 & &12,500
California – £110,000 & $6,000
Colorado - $110,000 & $33,000
Louisiana - $125,000 & $7,000
Illinois - $89,000 & $4,000
Michigan - $70,000 & $2,000
New York - $62,000 & $4,200
New Jersey - $75,000 & $3,500

{Please note that the exact prices have changed, due to my absence from Bootleggers, but, in essence they are somewhat similar.}

“Hmm,” I ponder, “The cheapest Duesy is twice the price of a Tommy gun, yet, in most OC’s both members would get 25%”, I’m not sure about you, but that does not sit right.

Out came the abacus, and thus, I crunched the numbers:
Using the cheapest Duesenberg, the driver puts forward 42% of the total cost ($62,000 car & $10,000 for gas).
Using the cheapest Beauford, the driver puts forward 11% of the total cost ($2,000 car & $10,000 for gas).
For the driver to spend 25% of the total cost of the OC, the car should cost no more than $24,000.
For the numbers I used $35,000 for the leader (a bonus $10,000 for organising the OC), $30,000 for the Weapons Expert and $36,000 for the Explosives Expert.

After getting the numerical facts, I wanted the opinions, so off I went, wandering The States with my clipboard to surprise Bootleggers on their daily shop, the question I was asking; “Is a Beauford sufficient for your Organised Crime, or do you demand a Duesenberg?”

I managed to rope in 46 votes, with 61% stating that a Beauford is okay, and the remaining 39% said Duesenbergs. But what about accepting a Beauford but giving a lower percent? I demand statements!

{Duesenbergs} for more XP!
PointDexter said

PointDexter raises a good point, a better vehicle is rumoured to give a higher experience payout. Unfortunately, I have no proof of this, so I turned to Sky to see whether he could confirm it, and maybe drop a hint as to how much extra experience a Duesenberg gives over a Beauford. To my great surprise, and yours too probably, Sky stated that he is not aware that using a Duesenberg over a Beauford will impact how much experience is given!

Beauford = lower %, not because the car is worse, but the money they spend is way less. So by this way everyone gains the % they deserve.
Riccio said

A fair point made by Riccio but, and I regret to inform I was unable to put this question directly to them, what if the driver buys a Duesenberg? Surely then the driver should get a larger percentage, due to spending more money, therefore they would then get the percent that they deserve? I would like to point out that this is not a dig at Ricco as it is my fault for not being able to ask you in a BM, if you read this, please to drop a comment below, and that goes for every reader, if you have anything related that you would like to say, please to mention it!

Frankenstein makes a good, well-rounded point, of personal driving experiences:
I don't mind if others use Beaufords but if I am driver, Duesenberg all the way!
Frankenstein said

Inks, as she was called at the time, seemed to follow the general line of things:
On my OC's, Beau 15% payout, Duesy 25%.
Inks said

Which, using my own “experiences” of the following:
On 2014-12-01 11:22:07 Hicks wrote:
Sure, cheapskate.

On 2014-12-01 11:21:35 Jesterite wrote:
Is a Beauford okay?

Means that I will have to avoid doing Organised Crimes with her, like I would the Black Death!

Finally, we come to a little piece of history, a mention of past rounds:
A few rounds ago a Phaeton was acceptable in an OC

An interesting point, so, I come to think on what has changed in-game that would change this outlook of allowing Phaetons to not allowing them. What I immediately landed on, was that, in this round and some of more recent ones, car prices have shrunk; for example, we all know that a Starpegasus is worth a handful of hundred dollars this round, but in the older rounds, the base price was a few thousand! Perhaps this reduction in cost, as store prices probably replicated the base prices, are what have caused OC leaders to take only the best! Well,

police car only plz.
Nordy3 said

Second best then…

Let The Buzz know what you think, in the comments below!