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Shot in the Skull and turned to Bones JestObserving

On Wednesday 21st, at 13.08, the first member of The Skull and Bones crew was shot. However, what was most confusing was that Yaab, the previously mentioned member, was not the first account to die of the shooting. This drew The Buzz’s attention to the shooting, in what, we believe, to be a first.

The death of bumpie, seemed to give away that Dutch Inc were the shooters of The Skull and Bones; this was soon confirmed by Dutch Inc boss, Daltonnn, who declined to comment on why they shot. As there was also no comment on how many shooters, nor how many bullets were used, we now turned to Renegadez, the boss of The Skull and Bones. Unfortunately, Renegadez did not return any messages, so we have no statement from the other end of the barrel; but they have since returned to that stats page. However, Renegadez, or any other member of The Skull and Bones is most welcome to leave a public statement in The Buzz comments below.

So, with not much going on in the politics department, The Buzz interviewed Tuupke, who was known as bumpie, about his death. Despite losing his Respectable Don account due to backfire, others have lost higher ranked accounts, Tuupke was in good spirits and keen to learn from his mistake:
It was a mistake done by me, I copy pasted the wrong person in to my note pad, after I checked if one of them ranked just before I would start to shoot.
In the time I was checking, I had the wrong person from the wrong layer pasted in my own notepad, stupid mistake but it happens.

As soon I shot, I died, it looks weird, and you check all over again were did it go wrong, but you can't turn it back.

There was straight away a hold fire to fix my mistake; the show had to go on.
And as has been shown, there was a plan B fixed.
So it was well coordinated, as they did a perfect job in my past shooting.
Fast wipes been done and there I had all so different layers. So there is no one to blame only me.
Tuupke said

An excellent, and humble, summary; explaining the simple mistake that was made, and Tuupke does not point the finger of blame at anyone else.

From his gravestone, Tuupke seems keen to learn from his mistake, also saying to The Buzz:
So hope I will be prepared soon again, and therefore thanks already to my friends and all loyal DI members because they made me reach the rank, and having the fun.
Tuupke said

This keen-eyed Buzz writer noticed the statement “plan B”, and we thus duly return to Daltonnn to ask the question “ Did anything drastic have to be changed quickly [following bumpie’s death], or was it a simple re-allocation of targets?”

It's a shame that it happened, but other than the attack on S&B taking a couple of hours longer,
Daltonnn said

[Between the 9th and 10th targets there is a pause of 2 hours and 18 minutes and a further pause of 30 minutes between targets 10 and 11.]
it was nothing more than a hiccup. We weren't able to complete the wipe when he died, and assigned a couple of targets to other shooters to be able to do so.
Daltonnn said

There was have it, definitive proof that, as Tuupke rightly puts it:

Just a simple mistake can kill.
Tuupke said