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Ben On Sight BenjaminWarburton

If you were lucky enough to get chosen for being Banned on Sight, you were missing out. I earned my own title, Ben on sight, which now I think about it wasn't a good thing.

So what is BOS exactly? Well when a player has committed severe rule breaking after warnings he/she is welcomed with all arms to the famous list. Usually a player will remain on there for about a year or two then return and appeal, however I was different. In 2008 I took a turn for the worst when I thought I was above the law, constantly duping and scamming with several warnings, ended me up on the list.

So here is my story.....

Quitting wasn't an option for me, I had already gained the addiction. I tried different games but none could compare, reeling me back into the belly of Bootleggers. The first year I kept signing up and playing, changing my IP but I kept getting caught. This is when the vicious side of me came out. I had somehow mind-fucked myself by constantly telling myself I had been put on for scamming (which isn't against the TOS) leading me to rebel. As I grew older I learnt more things about how computers worked, as someone who was studying IT.

The second year was highly different, I wasn't intending to play of any sorts. My intention was destroying players real lives with real money. Putting my scamming skills to work I would build up trust and gain players PayPal accounts. This lead to me developing a gambling addiction in real life, as the money was so easy to get, I couldn't help myself. After a dozen PayPal accounts and abusive messages, I had a phase where I decided to quit. When I arrived back, I had logged into to find out that one person I scammed, couldn't attend college as I had taken all his funds, I apologise dearly for this. I decided to quit doing that and play properly but underground.

The rest of the BOS was pretty much the same, dull and boring at the start but as the years progressed they became worse. I had learnt how to build a R.A.T (Remote Access Tool), used to gain access to people computers, in the end, I was arrested for this. I built a virus and masked it with a crime bot. I managed to gain access to many Bootlegger players and I screwed them big time with their gold and money. I once again regret this decision. I then decided to quit for the year and when I returned, played properly and got myself unbanned. I will never be committing another act of dishonesty again.