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The Fist: Tangood or Tangbad? MrFunnyMan

The Fist was formed by an ex Haze Blazer member who then got caught up in shootings between Haze Blazers and Dutch Inc, needless to say it didn't fall well for The Fist.

After three wipes the gang boss began to lose hope until he got messages from his gang members asking to create The Fist again, so that he did. With all his loyal members by his side The Fist started to grow, gaining influence, owning properties The Fist rose through the statistics page and upgraded to a crew.

Then the Ornament Massacre came along and sure enough The Fist fell and the crew boss decided it was time to part ways and left the crew in ashes, but The Fist members couldn't do the same so they brought The Fist back under a new name The Winter Hill Gang.

The Winter Hill Gang was running smoothly until a member left the gang, then hours later the boss of The Winter Hill Gang, ScruffyTheJanitor was seen in the graveyard. He had died from backfire and thus The Winter Hill Gang disbanded and the gang was once again in taters.

But now, The Fist is back and better than ever! The crew has a new crew boss who is already making a good reputation for The Fist, Tangoood.

I had the pleasure in meeting up with Tangoood and talked about The Fist and other Bootleggers topics.

We started the interview with a couple of pints and I asked if he had any future plans for The Fist.
I've got some loyal, hard-working members behind me so we are hoping to get back to that crew spot we had before, long term I wouldn't mind seeing The Fist on the families section of the statistics.
Tangoood said

I asked him if he had any enemy crews or if he had ever thought about making alliances.
We don't have any enemies, well I hope not haha we are a friendly gang and if any crews want to be kind enough and help with Organised Crimes and bust parties that would be great.
Tangoood said

After a few beers we started to discuss other Bootleggers topics such as the return of BOS members.
It's The Elite Guards choice, personally i think that they deserve another chance to play the game as maybe the time apart has been long enough for them to change their ways, if not back on the list haha.
Tangoood said

Then we came to my last topic because as many of my friends know I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, so i asked the most important question of the night. Do you read my jokes in The Buzz?
Tangoood said

Okay, not the answer I was looking for, so that concludes my interview hope I haven't bored you.

I would like to thank The Fist gang boss Tangoood and his members for letting me and the readers have a look into the gang.