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Competitions and more! Nontroversy

Competition results!

Congratulations to player BlueC who guessed the correct answer from last week’s competition:
The three languages I think are English, Dutch and Finnish
BlueC said
and wins the heady amount of $20,000! Try not to spend it all on Cognac!

This week has a double chance to win.

  • For $20,000: we would like you to identify the rubber duck in the freelance anonymous article.

  • For 5 gold, we at The Buzz would like you to design a template for a Bootlegger’s themed rubber duck! Yes, channel your inner Van Gogh or Vans off the wall.

    You could make a mafia themed duck or a player-themed duck, who knows? The only limit is your imagination.
    The actual size duck template can be found on:

    You have 1 week! Best of luck!