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A quick comment on bans... Nontroversy

An exploit was revealed where bullets entered the game by unlawful means. Many people were shot by these bullets and have since been boosted to help appease matters.

When the exploiters came out and admitted to it, many who used the bullets were banned this week as well, as they were associated with the exploited bullets.

We at the Buzz feel this needs to be mentioned, and discussed with Sky this very thing:

Speaking as a player of the game I'd want the Buzz to cover this.
Speaking as a Moderator of the game I'd want the Buzz to cover the topic at the very least, it's news worthy.
Speaking as a Developer of the game I wouldn't want the Buzz to cover this.
sky said

We appreciate the Mods giving us their view, and whilst we can't comment wholeheartedly on this, we do feel that it deserves a small mention in the actions that occurred this week.