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Interview with Mika SirNaamloos

Is the life of a Moderator really that good? Is it something you might want to do? We wanted to find out what the life of a Moderator is like and that’s why I had a long interview with Mika. We wanted to see if being a Moderator is really living the good life.

First things first, how does Mika think of the life of a Moderator? He compared it with his life as being a normal player. He told me that those two lives are not that different from each other. The things you do as a “normal” player as in ocing, crimes, gta’s ect are gone, which is normal ofcourse as you can have everything you want. The thing that the two sides have in common is that you still communicate with people, reply in forums and all that stuff. The only thing in his eyes that is different is that he now answers helpdesk tickets and check the forums. Did you know the Elite Guard also has his own forum?! For them and the HDO's. They call it ironically the High Rollers Forum. Funny stuff isn’t it? Though the time of being active does not change much from being a normal player he told me when I asked him if Moderators should be online more. He told me that it isn’t that different as everyone has a personal life besides Bootleggers. We all agree that everyone has personal life beyond Bootleggers, though we thought that a Moderator should be online more to help the community with their burning questions ect. This isn’t the case, which we all respect ofcourse! Al that is asked from the Elite Guard when adding a new player to it is the dedication to the game that you must have.

Mika told me when not being able to do crimes and all that, you have the change to keep this game clean and fair as a Moderator. He told me that it is something cool to do. This answer ofcourse raised the biggest question of this time. Keeping the game clean and fair? That isn’t really the fact at this point, seeing the whole 100 billion RLT chip that had been distributed to a State Don not too long ago. So what’s the deal with that Mika? How is it even possible for someone to receive 1 billion just like that? He explained that Caboose was testing to sell a 1 billion RLT chip. By testing this he did not realized that the state he sold it in had a State Don. Giving the him the nice amount of 1 billion as tax. 1 billion in tax ?! So how on earth is it possible for someone of the Elite Guard to make such a big mistake that, well, basically inflects the whole game now? Do the Moderators not know that before testing such a thing should be done outside of Bootleggers or atleast double check if everything is safe? He told me that normally the Elite Guard is exempt from the taxes of the State Dons. Caboose thought this was also the case for the RLT chips when in fact it doesn’t. Hell what kind of massacre would there be if we also had a Nation Don? He would also chip in on that mistake, which ofcourse is normal as we are all people at the end of the day. Still the fact remains that someone here has spend 700million before the Moderators noticed something was wrong. Only 300million was taken back from the player. Isn’t that a little unfair to all the other players? Wasn’t the best option to roll-back the game to before the point of the testing? Mika told me that the time between committing it and finding out was too long. Meaning a roll-back wasn’t a valid option anymore in their eyes. People now tend to believe the Elite Guard is corrupt as it was someone out of “The Alliance” that received the money. Mika thought those claims are unfortunate, not to mention incorrect. Still the fact remains that someone has had a huge advantage of this mistake made by Caboose. So is there nothing else the Elite Guard will do about this matter? The answer I’m afraid is a firm no. Which is a shame, but we all have to live with that and continue to play the game as we used to do.

Another burning question ofcourse is if we can see new updates or features in the near future? Mika told me that Sky is working on new things since his return to Bootleggers. What and when can we see this implanted you ask us? Well we simply don’t have an answer for that as Mika told me that he is not in the position to talk about that at this point.

How does Mika feel about the current state of Bootleggers? Is it good or bad? He told me he thinks the game is not terrible nor doomed as some of you might think, but there might be improvement in terms of what players can do to play through a certain style. Play in a certain style? Yes Mika thinks there are 3 different styles of playing Bootleggers. Ones who want to hang around, gamble and socialize, players who want to play underground and players that want to play upground. These last two prefer to do some shooting as well. He thinks that they should try to look for a way to balance the game so that players are not forced into one style of playing but can also play the way they like, without getting caught in the crossfire of other players. Wait what?! Not getting in the crossfire? Isn’t that the whole point of a “Mafia Game”? Hedoesn’t think so. Dying can be part of a mafia game, certainly. Also if you are not part of a conflict. However, the lack of choice and the lack of an option to decrease the chances of being caught in the crossfire is, he thinks, a problem the game is currently facing. Being a mafia game in his eyes should mean that players can play with their own style. Some of these styles will contain conflict and killing, so that will not disappear. But he also feels that those who want to try and stay out of killing as long as they can should have some way of making that happen if they try hard enough. He realizes that this is difficult to put into practice.

IF Mika would be the owner of this game, what would he want to change? He cannot think of anything he would do extremely different. Maybe he would look at a way to get information out to gold purchasers, seeing some topics on the GF about that every now and then. Generally speaking, however, he feels involved in the decision making process and what happens that he doesn’t have anything on that subject. If he felt something should be done completely different for the good of the game then he would bring it up and if he made a good case then it would probably be implemented. So how is the communication between the Elite Guard anyway? He told me that the communication is perfect. Thought over the years we have seen numerous of topic’s saying that people still didn’t receive their points just yet. Does that mean BSF2000 is being lazy? He tells me that if everything is ok with the payment, the points will be verified within 48 hours. Unless there is something wrong with the payment ofcourse. Is this true? Please comment with your own experience below this article to see if that’s true!

Well that’s that. A little view of how Mika sees Bootleggers at this point. A couple of questions have been answered that needed answering we believe. We hope that you have enjoyed this Buzz Article and that you ofcourse rate this article. Let’s wait and see what next week will bring for exciting interview shall we?