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In light of E.G. inaction, Radium sparks charitable reaction Krishna

I. In light of E.G. inaction, Radium sparks charitable reaction

After the recent outcry over the $1 billion that was mistakenly awarded to former State Don Sparks (aka. Radium), many players from across the community have fallen upon deaf ears in their requests for the remainder of the funds (or the gold purchased with the funds) to be removed from the game.

Many others cried out for the game to be rolled back in time to just before the $100 billion Cashier chip was cashed by Caboose.

However, Radium hopes to furnish a solution that would, in his view, turn the “negative” situation around in a manner that benefits the greater community.

The big-hearted, silk-stocking Radium plans to coordinate a “series of events,” including bust parties, picture contests and dice games, as his way of donating some indeterminate portion of his new fortune back to the community.

“There should be some more possibilities; ideas are very welcome,” said Radium.

“When it comes to wealth, I don't really need (The Elite Guard’s) money to be (at) an advantage; it's only about 1/5 of what you (the community) donated to me through my casinos, so it's really not as game-changing as you (are) all expecting it to be,” he wrote.

Despite the mercurial nature of this rare, radioactive alkaline earth metal, our Radium was not blessed by the gods and boosted to Don despite the allegation that his crew was “wiped due to exploits.” Instead, he managed to ascend the ranks one-by-one with record-breaking timing by repeatedly resetting his Organized Crime timer.

According to Radium, fulfilling the speedy conquest of "boosting himself" to Don in 17 days cost approximately 4,000 gold.

II. Caboose underscores a valuable learning experience

While Moderator Caboose exercised his right to remain publicly silent at the outset of the issue (save for the swift one-liner), he ultimately elected to speak up after the initial article, “$1 billion on the house,” was published in a February 1 Game Forum thread.

“This situation has definitely been a unique challenge; we as a team have learned from it and have adopted some new practices in order to both improve communication and mitigate the impact to the game should something like this ever happen again,” Caboose averred.

“We can sit here and argue and complain until the end of days about what "should have" happened, but the reality is this was weeks ago and nothing can be done now but move on and carry on living our lives.

“Most of us have admitted we didn't handle this well. I really don't know what else you expect at this point … You're right that we need to be more careful in the future, and the reality is the vast majority of work we do causes little to no interruption to the game. With respect to why it always seems to be me, until Sky came back a couple weeks ago I was handling the vast majority of the development supporting the game,” he said. “The best way to proceed would be to simply take the lessons learned (which we have) and move on.”

III. Community at-large lobbies for a rollback

“If you are telling me no one thinks that should have resulted in a rollback, I don't think that enough has been learned yet. At one point approximately 1/4 of the in-game money should not have existed. Any criteria that doesn't include such a scenario is broken,” argued JDM.

“When we are lied to as players, it's not enough any more. When it comes out, after the fact, that mistakes were made, then hidden until it was well past correctable, we can't trust you (as a unit) any more.”

TheodenV2 echoed JDM’s sentiments.

“A mistake this big would have caused a rollback in any of Bootleggers earlier, and better, rounds. But hey, this round was just a 'testing round,' wasn't it? Everyone should get ALL gold purchased this round back in April. To many 'mistakes' and changes of big features have occurred half way through this round.”

viRetired (aka. Riviera), characterized the Elite Guard’s handling of the situation as, “Intolerable course of actions. Humiliating, careless and above all without the least bit of respect towards players. An abomination.”

According to RetardedNeutron, the issue points to a “serious communication problem within the Elite Guard.”