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Hi there and welcome to a new segment, as we discuss what has been making waves on the forums this week. We try to give it to you how it was posted in the forums. Not everyone reads the forums, or may miss this topic before it’s purged. Or can’t be bothered reading through all the replies and only want the quality ones. Here, they can live in the buzz forever. Today, we have 1 forum wrap up post: A Statement from the Moderator Caboose.

Caboose had this to say after copping abuse from every angle over his performance as a moderator, especially after allowing 900mil into the game from his cashier chip error:

About 9 months ago, I submitted myself for consideration as a member of the Elite Guard so that I could help on the development side.

As I have professional experience programming, it is my understanding that I am one of the few people who have worked on the game code who have come into the job with real-world experience. I understand that with software comes bugs, and that's why I don't get nearly as worked up about it as some of you expect me to.

With that experience comes understanding of the realities of programming, which not a lot of people have. This game has several additional challenges, such as the lack of a development server/database/etc.

People have all sorts of different reasons for wanting to join the Elite Guard. For myself, it was something I aspired to from the very first time I played, in my C++ programming class in high school.

I said to my friend, who turned me on to the game: "Wouldn't it be cool to work on this game someday?"

Almost 11 years later, here we are; I've done quite a bit of work on and for this game, even though almost since day one I've had people gunning for me, complaining, making false allegations and trying to have me removed.

Cooler heads would prevail, for certain. Mika would tell me (and has told me) to ignore it. I understand that with this job comes the need for fairly thick skin.

However, in the time that I have been playing (which unfortunately does not include most of Sabin's tenure, and I hear tell that was a doozy), I have never seen such vitriol directed towards one person. If it has happened, I can't imagine why those people stuck around; and I don't blame them for eventually having left.

I've made a commitment to BSF2000 and the rest of the team to provide services to the game, and I intend to continue to do so; however I feel more and more than the time will come when I am no longer willing to do so. The only reason I am even still here is because of this commitment.

Here comes the fun part! This is not directed at everyone, obviously:

( inb4 "zomg unprofessional" )

I don't need your shit, and I sure as hell don't deserve it. I don't spend an obnoxious amount of my free time here for you to bitch, complain, and constantly try to get me fired.

You know who you are; and it's clear you won't stop trying.
When I've made mistakes, they have been addressed with me. Those paying attention will have noticed as I learned what was within the bounds of the Mod job and what isn't.

I understand that a not inconsequential amount of people would like to see me removed. This comes from many places, such as misinformation, confusion, and being upset about being punished for acting up.

These people clearly do not have the best interests of the game in mind, and there are two things they need to know:

1) I will not be removed as a result of my conduct. This is because I have not engaged in any conduct that would be grounds for dismissal. Whether you believe otherwise or your sister's friend told you in a Skype chat that I did, you're wrong, and that has been proven time and time again as Mika's time has been wasted investigating bogus complaints. In fact, the amount of our time that gets wasted by such nonsense could be its own 500-word post.

2) I may, at some point, decide that it's simply not worth the headache anymore. At that time, the game will lose a valuable asset that is not easily replaceable. People who have the ability to code, the spare time to devote, and the level of trust requisite of being an Elite Guard member do not exactly grow on trees - in fact, there are no candidates we are currently aware of who fit that criteria.

You may have your favorite staff member, or you may think we're all corrupt assholes, but the bottom line is that if you think ill of me, the people who actually have the information to make such a judgement do not. Which means, like it or not, you're wrong. You are absolutely customers of this game, and we absolutely want you all here to continue playing and keeping Bootleggers alive - but that doesn't mean you're always right, or that you can conduct yourself in such a manner.

Sure, they agree that I could be nicer, and I try to be; they agree that sometimes punishment is doled out on the extreme end of what's acceptable, but at the end of the day, it's still acceptable, and we're all constantly working together and communicating to make sure we always have a measured response, and the best decision for the game as a whole.

The Achilles heel of the Elite Guard is that we are not full-time employees. We are people who provide our time, when we HAVE time.
Let me repeat something many of you forget:
We are people.

We're not robots. We're not infallible. We occasionally over or under-react to situations. We constantly do our best to make the right decision.

I don't know how exactly to wrap this up, because so much more can and NEEDS to be said. But this will do for now.
Caboose said

A big bold statement by Caboose. As you can understand with such a statement, reactions were mixed. Some positive:

Haters gonna hate. It's the internet, people will always actively look for stuff to ruin someone’s day. Keep up improving the game, that’s all that matters in the end.
parlormob said

Anyone who is prepared to do free work on this game to try and make it better is a good man in my books.
RedMoonV3 said

And some, negative:

Sabin was far more hated than you are, and you never once saw him bitch about how hard done by he was in the forums.

You have a massive ego problem, which this topic reeks of. "I'm perfect so why do you hate me?".

Your attitude will never allow you to see what you truly are.
Threatening to leave isn't as spookyscaryskeletons.gif as you think it is. It's more of a relief for the players who have been endlessly harassed by you with mutes, bans and unfair targeting.
Just leave already.
AerusII said

Here is the original topic, if you would like to read the replies, before it is purged from the forums for good: