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Exploited Buzz Money? Times6

All the talk in the game this week as been about exploits, and also how they have been handled. The big story, as you may have heard, is about the 900mil that entered the game through the mistake of an Elite Guard member, which has been covered.

Another small idiosyncrasy was found in the game in regards to exploited money, as it was revealed that players that have been banned were still able to login to their account and donate to the buzz bank account. Dead and Banned players were still able to login to their old accounts and read the buzz , one of the only features that doesn’t display “you have been killed/banned” when you try to click on a menu from your dead or banned account. Try to access crimes, mailbox etc. and you can’t. But click on the Buzz page, and you can read all the old articles and even reach the donation page.

The fact that banned players can donate to the buzz seems to be an oversight, as dead accounts lose all their money automatically. Try donating from a dead account, and you get that red text: * You do not have enough money! However, it seems banned accounts do not lose their money once they are banned for good, and could still donate their cash to the buzz bank account.

Why was this an issue? It had the potential for banned players to donate all their money to the buzz. It has the potential for Permanently Banned player’s money to re-enter the game, which is never should. Also, with a dodgy editor, this money could be handed out to players. I can assure you this hasn’t happened, but the fact that it possibly *could* happen, is worrying in itself.

Bootleggers “Banned” image.

The topic was brought up by user sWeehawks on the game forum, who wrote a topic, saying:

Banned accounts can donate money to the buzz. Some members of a crew that "doesn't exist" have bragged about taking funds from there. Not sure if true nor do I care about such claims. I just want the buzz page blocked from banned accounts. Seems like a important issue to me.

Help Desk Operator #1 - 2015-02-05 12:55:52
It's a lower priority issue right now vs. the other things we are working on. We do thank you for the report and it will be addressed when we have a chance.
sWeehawks said

More evidence to suggest this was just an oversight was confirmed when Sky replied to the topic, stating:

The Buzz control panel logs all outgoing transfers, we can see who gets what money and why. If there was any suggestion of impropriety we would've put a stop to it already. However I wasn't aware banned players could access the Buzz, I'll look into that and stop it.
Sky said

And sure enough, after this post, an update was soon made:

• Banned players are no longer able to access the Buzz.

Which stops this loophole, now, for good.